The evolution of PCBs brought along a number of new technologies and the miniaturization of electronics. Today’s evolved circuit boards demand less real estate but faster functionality. For this, an effective PCB design is fiercely required. At Sierra Circuits, we guarantee boards in agreement to the absolute latest technology and utmost proficiency.

It is the first step involved in PCB layout. The circuits are first drawn on paper. They are then processed into schematic designs by using different software. A schematic consists primarily of components and wires connected as such they produce the desired electrical behaviour. The wires will become traces. This process is all about from a simple schematic to a complete electronic design. And then it is stored in the file, which is converted into a netlist file.

PCB Component Footprint Creation

Component placement is a very important step in layout. Footprint creation helps to look into the amount of space available for component placement. A suitable mounting technique is thus decided according to the footprint creation. We are well equipped to do through-hole technique as well as surface-mount technology. We can design up to 30-layer boards.


The next step on the list is PCB routing. This is where layout designers utilize a PCB software to route the physical connections between all the components on the board.


Like any other process, layout also has a verification step. Here CAD tools check for layout mistakes. This step is important to eliminate the mistakes that negatively affect the boards functionality and interfere with manufacturing process.