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Industrial Manufacturing PCB Services

Rugged, stable, and durable PCBs—made by the most trusted manufacturer of PCBs in the USA

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PCBs used in manufacturing and industrial settings are created specifically for always-on functionality. Whether you need a flexible PCB with high tensile strength or a standard technology PCB strong enough to last through hundreds of thousands of heating cycles, Sierra Circuits boards are the industry standard for reliability.


Sierra Circuits manufactures durable, reliable, thermal resistant PCBs.
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Capabilities overview

Industrial PCB designs and industrial PCB manufacturing must follow strict industrial SIL and IEC standards.

  • Layer counts up to 30 layers
  • Board thickness up to 0.25″
  • Panel dimensions up to 12″x18″
  • Impedance tolerance -/+ 5%
  • Laser drilling as small as .0025″
  • Mechanical drilling as small as .005″
  • Solder mask feature tolerances as small as .0005″
  • Min trace and space as low as .0015″
  • Blind and buried vias

Product applications for industrial PCBs

Our industrial customers often have thousands of PCBs in service to hundreds of machines. Whether you’re looking to produce one board or a thousand, our facilities in Silicon Valley are the perfect partner for your high-mix, low volume needs.

Sierra Circuits best-in-class PCBs can be found in a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Power supply units
  • Robotics
  • Electronic switch gears
  • Industrial drives & inverters
  • Electronic test & measurement equipment
  • Energy control systems
  • Industrial smart meters
  • Temperature sensors
  • Radio communication systems
  • Radar systems
  • Electronic smart labels
  • Industrial lighting systems
  • Relays
  • Resistance meters
  • Safety switches
  • Sensors, counters

Reverse engineering

Industrial PCBs might be in service for several years or even decades. Over time, some components may become obsolete or—more often than not—out of production. Whether you need help sourcing reliable alternatives to old components or reverse engineering existing PCBs, the experts at Sierra Circuits can help get your machines back up and running with turn-times as low as 1 day.


Need help optimizing your PCB layout? With almost 40 years of manufacturing experience, we are uniquely qualified to optimize your PCBs with a keen eye for performance, manufacturability and cost.

Rigorous testing and inspection

To ensure that your boards are functioning optimally, we provide comprehensive testing and inspection as part of Sierra Circuit’s industrial manufacturing PCB services. We know the challenges that can come from errors, and we offer the expertise to ensure that your circuit board functions exactly as planned, the very first time.

  • Free DFM check
  • Free DFA check
  • Functional inspection
  • AOI report or visual inspection report
  • Flying probe or in-circuit testing report

Need a PCB assembly partner with transparent pricing?
We offer several options for ordering parts and assembly.

Industry standard documentation

Following is the list of documents that Sierra Circuits can provide for your industrial and manufacturing PCBs:

  • Certificate of conformance
  • Material specifications
  • Reflow profile copy (included with first article)
  • Photo requirements
  • First article inspection report
  • IPC J-STD-001E
  • Record of calibrated tools used during manufacturing
  • AOI report or visual inspection report
  • Flying probe or in-circuit testing report
  • Ionic cleanliness test report

Simplify your industrial supply chain

Sierra Circuits provides fabrication and assembly under one roof—creating an unbroken thread from design to delivery.

Reduce the steps in your supply chain and avoid miscommunication, mistakes, and delays caused by sourcing a manufacturing and assembly through multiple vendors.


Save your PCB designs and projects to your Sierra Circuits customer dashboard and refer back to them whenever you need them.

Sierra Circuits has been a trusted manufacturer of PCBs for almost 40 years and we’ll be here for at least another 40. Store your design files with us! The Sierra Circuits customer dashboard is free forever.

  • Save your PCB design and BOM files
  • Get access to our ever-expanding list of tools to help you with your PCB Designs
  • Refer to saved quotes through time
  • Connect with your dedicated account manager
  • Order directly through our website

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Advanced PCBsPCBs manufactured and assembled in the United States

The Highest Quality IPC Class 3 Boards

Made in America. Shipped from Silicon Valley.

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Fully Assembled PCBs, Made in the USA. For all industrial manufacturing applications

Illustration: DFM and DFA Checks

DFM & DFA Checks on every board

Live engineering support and software accelerated checks on all orders.

Illustration: Extensive Electrical Testing

Extensive Electrical Testing

Cross-section, AOI, BGA X-ray, and flying probe to name a few.

Illustration: Fab and Assembly Under One Roof

Fab + Assembly under one roof

Avoid delays by using a single vendor for fab, assembly, and testing

Sierra Circuits engineers can deliver -/+ 5% impedance
tolerance for your complex & HDI PCBs.

Sierra Circuits in-house engineers will…

  • Help you with your stack-up.
  • Route your single-ended and differential pair traces.
  • Place your components, vias, coupling capacitors.
  • Adjust the length matching to achieve propagation delay.
  • Calculate the effective dielectric constant.

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