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Need to improve your design skills? Learn more about complex boards? Check out our PCB events!

Sierra Circuits partners with the best industry experts to offer PCB events that help designers and engineers enhance their designs. From webinars to seminars and workshops, from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels, we have classes for everyone.



Webinar: Phased Array or Multi-Channel PCB Design

Speaker: Steven Watt

Steven Watt

Solutions Architect
Zuken USA

» June 26th, 2024 -  1 day(s)  -  10:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific Time

In This Presentation:

Antenna integration is a critical aspect of RF PCB design as it significantly impacts the performance and reliability of the final product. Antennas should operate with sufficient radiation ... more »

Seminar: Unintentional Antennas and Solving EMI Problems

Speaker: Karen Burnham

Karen Burnham

Vice President of Standards
IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors

» July 16th, 2024 -  1 day(s)  -  9:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time

In This Presentation:

The goal is for the attendee to leave with a better understanding of how and why EMI/EMC problems occur and simple approaches to improve designs before experiencing late ... more »

Seminar: Science of Soldering© by Jim Smith

Speaker: Jim Smith

Jim Smith

Founder of Electronics Manufacturing Sciences, Inc.

» September 24th-26th, 2024 -  3 day(s)  -  9:00 am to 3:00 pm Pacific Time

In This Presentation:

The class begins with a hands-on soldering problem. The problem appears simple but everything goes wrong. Solder fails to flow, materials melt and other issues make the connection ... more »

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