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Different SMD Component Package Sizes

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Surface-mount devices are mounted directly to a PCB. These SMD components are smaller than the through-hole components and comprise a small lead or no lead at all. Since SMD components require fewer drilled holes, they incorporate higher routing density, and the design becomes more compact.

There are many SMD components of different package sizes with various functionalities. They can be placed on both sides of the circuit board along with a higher component density, with more connections possible per component to attain higher speed. Here, we will briefly introduce some of them.

SMD package sizes for resistors, capacitors, inductors, and diodes

SMD passive components consist of resistors, capacitors, and inductors with a rectangular package. Diodes are also part of this but are two-terminal active devices. Diodes can be miniaturized and packaged according to the following SMD sizes.

Chip package typeDimensions in mmDimensions in inches
010050.4 x 0.20.016 x 0.008
0150150.38 x 0.380.014 x 0.014
02010.6 x 0.30.02 x 0.01
02020.5 x 0.50.019 x 0.019
024040.6 x1.00.02 x 0.03
03030.8 x 0.80.03 x 0.03
04021.0 x 0.50.04 x 0.02
06031.5 x 0.80.06 x 0.03
08052.0 x 1.30.08 x 0.05
10082.5 x 2.00.10 x 0.08
11112.8 x 2.80.11 x 0.11
12063.0 x 1.50.12 x 0.06
12103.2 x 2.50.125 x 0.10
18064.5 x 1.60.18 x 0.06
18084.5 x 2.00.18 x 0.07
18124.6 x 3.00.18 x 0.125
18254.5 x 6.40.18 x 0.25
20105.0 x 2.50.20 x 0.10
25126.3 x 3.20.25 x 0.125
27256.9 x 6.30.27 x 0.25
29207.4 x 5.10.29 x 0.20

Comparison of different SMD components

It’s crucial to select the right SMD components that not only fit into your design but also fulfill its intended purpose effectively. The table below provides a comparison among commonly used SMD components:

PackagesDimensions (mm)ApplicationsComponent typeNumber of pins
SMA3.56 x 2.92RF and microwave devicesDiode2
DO-2145.30 x 6.10Power rectification diodesDiode2
DO-213AA4.57 x 3.94Small signal transistors and diodesDiode2
SMC5.94 x 5.41Integrated circuits, resistors, and capacitorsDiode2
TO-2773.85 x 3.85Power MOSFETs and voltage regulatorsMOSFET3
MBS2.60 x 1.90Switching diodes and high-density integrated circuitsDiode2
SOD-1232.60 x 1.90Small signal diodes and transistorsDiode2

1.6 × 0.8

Consumer, automotive, and industrial equipmentResistors, capacitors, and inductors2
08052.0 × 1.25Consumer, automotive, and industrial equipmentResistors, capacitors, and inductors2
3.2 × 1.6
Consumer, automotive, and industrial equipmentResistors, capacitors, and inductors2

Surface-mount PCB connectors

An electronic project is incomplete without a proper connector. In surface-mount technology, SMA and SMB connectors are mostly used for board assembly. SMA and SMB stand for sub-miniature version A and sub-miniature version B.

SMA1. Semi-precision
2. Coaxial RF connector
3. Impedance 50Ω
4. Electrical use from DC (0 GHz) to 12 GHz,
but extended to 18 GHz and 26.5 GHz
1. Microwave systems
2. Hand-held radio
3. Mobile telephone antennas
4. WiFi antenna systems
SMB1. Semi-precision
2. Coaxial RF connector
3. Impedance 50Ω or 75Ω
4. Electrical use from DC(0 GHz) to 4 GHz
5. Smaller than SMA
2. Test equipment
3. Instrumentation
4. GPS


Connector Design Guide - Cover Image

Connector Design Guide

5 Chapters - 32 Pages - 50 Minute Read
What's Inside:
  • Basics
  • Terminology
  • Selection and layout rules
  • Testing
  • Application-specific PCB connectors


Common SMD Tantalum capacitor sizes

Tantalum capacitors do have very high capacitance with very small packaging. These capacitors give the best results in high-capacitance, low-current environments.

Package typeDimensions in mmEIA standard
Size A3.2 x 1.6 x 1.6EIA 3216-18
Size B3.5 x 2.8 x 1.9EIA 3528-21
Size C6.0 x 3.2 x 2.2EIA 6032-28
Size D7.3 x 4.3 x 2.4EIA 7343-31
Size E7.3 x 4.3 x 4.1EIA 7343-43

Small outline transistor package types

A small outline transistor is a discrete surface-mount transistor that is majorly used in consumer electronics. Here are some commonly used SOTs.

Package typeDimensions in mmTerminal
SOT-233 × 1.75 × 1.33
SOT-2236.7 × 3.7 × 1.84
SOT-3232.1 x 2.1 x 0.94
SOT-5231.6 x 1.6 x 0.74

Other SMD transistors

We can see some popular SMD transistors other than SOT here.

TO-252-3 (DPAK)

Image credit: Digi-Key Electronics



Image credit: Digi-Key Electronics

Integrated circuit SMD packages

ICs are enclosed in a package for protection. Here, we will see some important IC packages, their properties, and applications.

Package type

SOIC1. Small outline integrated circuit
2. Surface-mount equivalent of the classic through-hole DIP (Dual-Inline Package)
1. Standard package for logic IC
TSSOP1. Thin shrink small outline package
2. Rectangular surface mount
3. Plastic integrated circuit (IC) package
4. Gull-wing leads
1. Analog amplifiers,
2. Controllers and Drivers
3. Logic devices
4. Memory devices
5. RF/Wireless
6. Disk drives
QFP1. Quad flat package.
2. Easiest option for high pin-count components
3. Easy to inspect by AOI
4. Assembled with standard reflow soldering
1. Microcontrollers
2. Multi-channel codecs
QFN1. Quad flat no-lead
2. Electrical contacts do not come out of the component
3. Smaller than QFP
4. Require extra attention in PCB assembly
1. Microcontrollers.
2. Multi-channel codecs
PLCC1. Plastic leaded chip carrier
2. Allow components to be directly mounted on the PCB
1. Prototype PCB assembly
BGA1. Ball grid array
2. Most complex
3. High-pin count component
4. Electrical components are below silicon IC
5. Requires reflow soldering for PCB assembly
1. High-speed microprocessor
2. Field programming gate array(FPGA)
POP1. Package-on package technology
2. Stacked on the top of others
1. Used for memory devices and microprocessors.
2. High-speed design, HDI design

SMD components ensure a smaller form factor design. The manufacturing cost is minimized, and board space can be efficiently optimized by incorporating these components. Indeed, SMD packages are the better choice over through-hole components when designing a sleek, compact, high-speed, or HDI board.

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