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Standard & Custom PCBs Fabricated & Assembled in America

Since 1986, Sierra Circuits has developed a reputation for excellence in PCB prototype manufacturing, optimization, and assembly. From standard PCBs to advanced technology made from exotic metals.

Choose the PCB that’s right for you.

Get an instant quote online and manufacture your boards in as fast as 24 hours.
  • On-site inventory of the finest materials, up to 30 layers
  • Routed arrays, edge plating, bevels, and heat sinks
  • 1-day turn-times available
The highest quality PCBs that bend to the occasion. Guaranteed to perform under stress.
  • Freedom of design, including placement around edges and folds.
  • Reduced space and weight
  • Increased reliability and durability. Standard materials can withstand as many as 200,000 bending cycles.
From medical implant devices to ITAR regulated boards, we fabricate the most reliable HDI PCBs in the U.S.
  • Blind vias, buried vias, and other microvia techniques
  • Laser direct imaging, fine lines, and via-in-pad technology
  • Down to 1.5-mil trace space, 2-mil holes
1.25-mil trace and space with laser-drilled holes at 2 mils, that's about as good as it gets.
  • Highly advanced and sophisticated small form factor products
  • IoT devices, wearables, and other portable devices
  • Medical miniaturization for direct implantation
IPC 6012 class 3/ES PCBs in as fast as 2 days. Rugged, reliable boards, rigorously tested and fully documented.
  • Next day for standard FR-4 or double-sided PCBs
  • 2–4 days for 4-layer to 8-layer PCBs — 5 days for 10+ layer PCBs
  • 5–10 days for HDI, rigid-flex, flex, and metal core PCBs
On top of prototyping, we now offer PCB mass production. In 2022, Sierra opened its large-scale fab house in Wisconsin.
  • Flex and rigid-flex
  • HDI and microelectronics
  • Controlled impedance
  • Flying probe testing
RF circuits are prone to EMI, crosstalk, ringing, and reflections. To avoid these issues in your design, talk to our engineering team.
  • RF is 10 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Microwave is above 1 GHz
Eliminate signal distortion. Maintain data integrity and signal clarity with impedance control.
  • Help with your stack-up throughout the design process
  • Design help, including routing traces, & component placement
  • Deliver fully assembled boards with -/+ 5% impedance tolerance
Fully assembled PCBs that work the first time. Ready to ship in as quick as 24 hours.
  • SMT, BGA, through-hole, and mixed assembly
  • Rigid-flex PCB assembly
  • No limit on volume — whether a single prototype or a few thousand production boards
By taking care of your PCB component sourcing or stocking, we help you reduce your product development time.
  • Offering alternatives to long lead times
  • List of trusted vendors
  • No supply chain disruptions
Flying probe testing for PCBA uses test probes that move from one test point to another to detect defects in a board.
  • FPT is ideal for complex prototype circuits.
  • Speak to your account manager to add FPT to your order.
  • Flying probe testing requires ODB++ files.
Instantly quote and order online! Standard technology, rigid PCBs up to 12 layers and 4-mil trace and space
  • 1 – 1,500 completely assembled boards, fabricated to IPC-6012 class 2 specs
  • Large selection of surface finishes, materials. Options for edge plating, gold fingers, etc.
  • Zero defects, guaranteed! Complete DFM check by our CAM engineers
The best value for full turnkey PCBs. Manufactured in the USA, fully assembled, and shipped in 5 days.
  • PCB fabrication, component procurement, and in-house assembly
  • Dedicated CAM engineer — BOM check, DFA check, and DFM check
  • Order zero-defect PCBs entirely online and get to market faster.
Self-service boards, rapidly delivered. No-Touch is our fully-online automated PCB fabrication process.
  • 3, 4, or 10 day turnaround
  • 1 – 100 bare boards — built to IPC-A-610 Class 2 specs
  • Manage your own design and manufacturability — Automated DFM reports before you order

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