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Fab & Assembly Capabilities

Whether you're looking for advanced boards made from exotic metals or full-turnkey prototype assemblies, there's a reason Sierra Circuits leads the industry in quality and performance.

PCB Designer's Tools

Sierra Circuits has developed easy-to-use tools for PCB Designers and Electrical Engineers at every stage of circuit board development.

PCB Design Guides

Design your boards correctly from the start. Sierra Circuits PCB Design Guides provide critical information to prevent delays and avoid unnecessary costs.

FAQ: Customer Portal

Our customer portal is a self-service portal providing an online communication channel. Maintain your profile, address book, passwords, and track your order history and any communication while your order is in process.

FAQ: Bettter DFM

Better DFM is our online tool to check the Design For Manufacturability. Learn how to use the tool. Get the expected inputs and outputs. Identify common issues before submitting your files.

FAQ: Ordering

Manage your order. Answer questions about shipping and tracking. What to do when your order is on-hold. Information about our cancellation policies.

PCB Webinars

Gain the know-how required to design your next manufacturable, functional, and reliable PCB. The Sierra Circuits Webinar Series showcases industry experts that lead you through deep-dives of incredibly useful and technical information.

Recent Case Studies

PCBs for Automotive Sensors

The latest automobile designs involve multiple auto sensors. These sensors are integrated into automobile systems to identify and notify changes in the operating environment. They check for the proper functioning of the vehicle and notify accordingly if anything goes...

Meeting the Robotic Surgery PCB Challenges

Robotic surgery requires remotely operated, minimally invasive surgical tools. It assists the surgeon with more control, accuracy, and flexibility during complex surgical procedures. Sierra Circuits manufactures smaller circuit boards with a quick turnaround time to...

Rigid-Flex PCB Design for an Innovative Helmet-Mounted Display

This flex case study was originally published in PCD&F and Circuits Assembly. It was written by Dr. Dave Cowl who recalled developing a wearable high-speed board with severe timing constraints. The US Air Force engaged HoloEye Systems to create a prototype...

Enabling the LiDAR Industry

LiDAR is an emerging technology along the lines of radar and sonar which identifies and maps objects besides terrain. While radar and sonar use radio and sound waves respectively, LiDAR uses pulsed laser light for mapping. This new technology has unlimited potential...

PCB Design for CubeSat Development

Cube satellite is a nascent market. Universities, research organizations, and even high schools have used simple, modular satellite design and manufacturing to get projects and experiments into orbit quickly and cheaply compared to traditional launch payloads. But,...

Gold Wire Ball Bonding Against Reflow

Multiple Reflows at Various Gold Thicknesses Experimented by: Sneha Kaul and Christina Lum Objective To determine if multiple rounds of reflow detrimentally affect the surface condition of the gold plating at any thickness, using gold wire bonding as the test...

Other Ways Sierra Circuits Can Help

We have many resources designed to help you, no matter where you are in your journey to becoming a PCB expert.

PCB Manufacturing & Assembly Processes

Knowing how your boards are manufactured and assembled will help you design boards that are cost-effective and technically robust.

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