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Extremely Precise Micro PCB design, Manufacturing, and Prototyping

Sierra Circuits can produce microelectronic PCBs with 1.25-mil trace and space. Combined with laser-drilled holes as small as 2 mils, that's about as good as it gets.

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Product image 1: Microelectronics PCBs

You may be surprised how cost effective microelectronics PCBs are at scale.

Our adept engineers specialize in the efficient production of microelectronics PCBs in the United States, providing tailored support to optimize your design and cost parameters. A prime illustration of our expertise lies in the early planning of your stack-up, a strategic approach that minimizes layer count by optimizing trace widths.

  • Down to 1.5-mil trace space, 2-mil holes
  • Blind vias, buried vias, and microvias
  • Up to 4 lamination cycles
  • Fine lines and via-in-pad technology

At Sierra Circuits, we understand the importance of delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our team of experts can meticulously examines every aspect of your design, from component placement to stack-up, to identify opportunities for optimization and cost reduction. By leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we can suggest design modifications and material alternatives that meet your performance requirements.

We work closely with you to understand your project specifications, ensuring that the final design meets your expectations in terms of functionality.

Product image 1: Microelectronics PCBs

Delivering high-end microelectronics

With precision as our hallmark, Sierra Circuits delivers microelectronics PCBs with unparalleled specifications, featuring trace spaces as low as 1.5 mil and holes as small as 2 mil. Embrace the cutting-edge features of blind vias, buried vias, and microvias to elevate the density and performance of your circuitry. Our production prowess spans up to 4 lamination cycles, fine lines, and state-of-the-art via-in-pad technology, providing a diverse array of options tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of your project.

Partner with Sierra Circuits to witness the seamless fusion of innovation, and localized manufacturing. Trust our engineers to guide you through the entire process, from planning to the efficient production of your microelectronics PCBs.

Product image 1: Microelectronics PCBs

Sierra Circuits supports IPC-2581.

IPC-2581 stands as a crucial standard in the data exchange realm within the manufacturing of microelectronic components. As an open, vendor-neutral XML format, it plays a vital role in navigating the intricacies of microelectronics, facilitating seamless exchanges of design data that include layer stack-up, drill details, and other crucial specifications. Adhering to IPC-2581 becomes paramount in ensuring transparent communication between microelectronic designers and manufacturers, effectively minimizing the likelihood of errors during data transfer. This standardized approach not only promotes improved collaboration but also streamlines workflows, thereby contributing significantly to the efficient and accurate production of microelectronic products with enhanced precision and reliability.

Product Promise

Microelectronics design services, capabilities, and testing. Sierra Circuits manufactures your micro PCBs with full intellectual property protection.

Extremely precise, highly technical:

  • Blind vias, buried vias, or microvia techniques
  • Built-up laminations and high-signal performance considerations
  • Laser direct imaging
  • Fine lines and via-in-pad technology

Attributes of microelectronics PCBs

PCB Attribute Sierra Circuits capability
Min Layer Count 1
Max Layer Count 30
Min Board Thickness .005″ (.127 mm)
Max Board Thickness .250″ (6.35 mm)
Min Core Thickness .002″ (.051 mm)
Min Dielectric .002″ (.051 mm)
Min Starting Copper Foil Weight 3 micron (.003 mm)
Max Finished Copper Thickness (O/L) .0015″ (.038 mm)
Max Finished Copper Thickness (I/L) .001″ (.025 mm)
Min Panel Size 12″ x 18″ (30 x 46 cm)
Max Panel Size 12″ x 18″ (30 x 46 cm)
Smallest Mechanical Drill Diameter .005″ (.127 mm)
Smallest Laser Drill Diameter .0025″ (.064 mm)
Min Finished Hole Size .002″ (.051 mm)
Max Through Hole Aspect Ratio > 10:1
Max Blind Via Aspect Ratio .8:1
Blind Via Finished Hole Size Plated shut
Buried Via Finished Hole Size .002″ (.051 mm)
Min Trace and Space .0015″ (.038 mm)
Min Pad Size for Test .003″ (.076 mm)
Process Pad Diameter D + .004″ (.102 mm)
Stacked Vias Yes
Min Wire Bond Pad Size .0025″ (.064 mm)
Controlled Impedance Tolerance 5%
Solder Mask Registration .001″ (.025 mm)
Solder Mask Feature Tolerance .0005″ (.013 mm)
Solder Mask Min Dam Size .003″ (.076 mm)
Min Diameter Route Cutter Available .021″ (.533 mm)
Routed Part Size Tolerance .002″ (.051 mm)
Laser Hole Location Tolerance .0005″ (.013 mm)
Laser Routed Part Size Tolerance – Can only be done with panels < .032” thick .001″ (.025 mm)
Bow and Twist Tolerance Per IPC spec
Thickness Tolerance 5%
Sequential Laminations > 5 lam cycles
Buried Vias Yes
Blind Vias Yes
Conductive Filled Vias Yes – Cu plate shut
Non Conductive Filled Vias Yes

Surface finishes for microelectronics PCBs

Surface Finish Type Sierra Circuits capability
HASL (Vertical or Horizontal) No
Lead Free HASL No
OSP (Shikoku F2) Yes
OSP (Entek) Yes
ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold) Yes
Immersion Silver No
Electrolytic Soft Gold Yes
Electrolytic Hard Gold Yes
Selective Gold Yes

Solder mask finishes for microelectronics PCBs

Mask Finish Type Sierra Circuits capability
Semi – Glossy Yes
Glossy Yes
Matte Yes

Solder mask colors for microelectronics PCBs

Mask Color Sierra Circuits capability
Green Yes
Black Yes
Red Yes
Blue Yes
Yellow No
White No
Clear Yes
Bright White No
Purple No

Legend colors for microelectronics PCBs

Legend Color Sierra Circuits capability
All Colors Yes

Fabrication techniques for microelectronics PCBs

Fabrication Technique Sierra Circuits capability
Routed Array Yes
V Score, Edge to Copper 0.007″ (.178 mm)
V Score Angles 35°, 45°, 60°
Countersink Yes
Counterbore Yes
Bevel Yes
Milling +/- .001” (.025 mm)
Edge Castellation Yes
Edge Plating Yes
Heatsinks No

Electrical testing for microelectronics PCBs

Test Type Sierra Circuits capability
10 Volt Yes
40 Volt (Burn-In Boards) Yes
250 Volt Yes
500 Volt Yes
Hi Pot Yes

Laminate materials for microelectronics PCBs

Material Type Sierra Circuits capability
Very Thin Film Yes
Arlon 85NT No
Bergquist No
Hybrid Constructions Yes
Isola FR406 Yes
Isola FR408 HR Yes
Isola P95 Yes
Isola P96 Yes
Iteq IT180 Yes
Panasonic R1766 Yes
Panasonic R1755 No
Panasonic Megtron No
Nelco N4000-13 Yes
Nelco N4000-29 No
Nelco BT N5000 Yes
Nelco N7000-2 Yes
No Flow Prepreg Yes
Isola 370HR Yes
Polyclad Getek Yes
PSA Bond Film Yes
Rogers 3000 Series No
Rogers R4000 Series No
Rogers 5000 Series No
Rogers 6000 Series No
Rogers TMM No

Testing reports for microelectronics PCBs

Available Reports Sierra Circuits capability
Microsection Yes
Solderability Yes
X-Ray Fluorescence Yes
Ionic Contamination Yes
Time Domain Reflectometry Test (TDR) Yes
Certificate of Compliance Yes

UL certification for microelectronics PCBs

Certification Sierra Circuits capability
94VO No

Classifications for microelectronics mil-spec PCBs

Classification Sierra Circuits capability
MIL-PRF-55110 No
MIL-PRF-31032/1 No
MIL-PRF-31032/2 No
IPC 6012, Class 1, 2 and 3 Yes
ISO 9001:2015 Yes
ISO 13485:2016 Yes
Trusted by innovators

Made in America. Engineers at the world’s most innovative companies choose Sierra Circuits for the highest quality microelectronics PCB design and manufacturing.

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Product Image 2: Microelectronics PCBs

Sierra Circuits engineers and technicians have the experience to bring your microelectronics to life.

Whether you’re a medical device designer on a tight deadline or a DoD contractor looking to satisfy ITAR regulations, Sierra Circuits manufactures and assembles the most reliable microelectronics PCBs in the United States.

Ideal for:
  • Medical miniaturization for devices operating directly with the human body
  • DoD electronics for mission critical functions
  • Highly advanced and sophisticated small form factor products like IoT devices, wearables, and similar portable devices

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Manufacturing Equipment at Sierra Circuits

Our 70,000 sqft state-of-the-art campus in the heart of Silicon Valley contains the most advanced equipment required for the manufacture and assembly of your PCBs. Whether you’re looking for standard quick turn PCBs or boards with the tightest tolerances, made from exotic metals, there’s a reason Sierra Circuits leads the industry in quality and performance.

PCBs manufactured and assembled in the United States

Get started with Microelectronics PCBs

  • Special stack-up help / NPI review
  • Down to 1.5-mil trace and space, 2-mil holes
  • Up to 30 layers
  • Files evaluated by engineers
  • Quote sent by email within a few hours
  • Mil-spec / class 3 / aerospace / medical
  • HDI features
  • Blind / buried vias
  • Metal-core
  • Flex / rigid-flex
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