5G – The New Wireless World

Once upon a time, there was an age, an age of simple pleasure and little things. They formed our base of happiness. Then came the industrial revolution and technological advancements. And it changed our world. Our world got engulfed by extravagant gadgets and extraordinary technology. As for now what makes us happy are mobile phones and never-ending data pack; everything wireless. The more wireless we go, the more happiness we show.

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Optimizing Power for Clocks and other Sensitive Applications


The topic of clock jitter performance seems to be a current focus of clock, ADC, and power supply manufacturers.  The reasoning is clear; clock jitter interferes with the performance of digital circuits including high speed ADCs.  High speed clocks can be quite sensitive to the “cleanliness” of the power they receive, though quantifying the relationship takes some effort.

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Common Errors That Cause PCB Assembly Holds

Double-check Your Orders to Avoid These Assembly Errors

Sierra Circuits builds boards precisely as our customers direct. We make sure we understand exactly what you want. We must hold a job if we find any discrepancy between your order and the files or parts you provide. Please double-check orders to avoid the following errors that would cause delays.
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