Soldering Workshop #2 with Jim Smith

Introducing Turnkey Pro!

Sierra Circuits is proud to introduce Turnkey Pro, a free online service that allows you to order PCBs and PCB Assembly entirely online.

Speed shouldn't come at the cost of quality assurance.
Flex Case Study

May You Survive HDI PCB

HDI PCBs push the manufacturing boundaries with their fine lines and spaces. Add blind, buried and micro vias to the design and things can quickly go wrong. Here are some tips

Gold Wire Ball Bonding Against Reflow

Case Study: Gold Wire Ball Bonding Against Reflow

Multiple Reflows at Various Gold Thicknesses Experimented by: Sneha Kaul and Christina Lum Objective To determine if multiple rounds of reflow detrimentally affect the surface condition of the gold plating

Soldering Heat Damage

Perfect Soldering Is Simple: Heat Control

This is the third in a series of articles that explain why perfect soldering is easy. The first installment reviewed the evolution of electronic components and how new components require