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6 DFM Issues Designers Should Check Before PCB Manufacturing

Every PCB should be designed in such a way that the overall cost and chances of potential DFM issues can be minimized. It is done by adopting the optimized PCB design services for DFM checks. DFM ... more »

PCB Design

Annular Ring Explained by a PCB Manufacturer

Annular rings are one of the biggest concerns of PCB designers. You know that you may place your via right in the ... more »

PCB Design

9 Factors That Lead to Signal Integrity Issues in a PCB

Avoiding signal integrity issues in a PCB is an extremely complex task for designers. It requires a deep understanding of signal integrity ... more »

Controlled Impedance

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Our Knowledge Base including Product Specifications, answers to common ordering questions, and how-to guides for our PCB Designer's Toolkit. Learn More.

11 Best High-Speed PCB Routing Practices

A PCB designer has a difficult task when it comes to routing a circuit board. Things get a lot more complicated when ... more »

PCB Design

Component Placement Guidelines for PCB Design and Assembly

In the era of miniaturization and HDI PCBs, space optimization on the PCB might frequently affect proper component placement. Appropriate component placement ... more »

PCB Assembly

How to Control your Controlled Impedance

While manufacturing a PCB, controlled impedance can be achieved through specific dielectric thickness and by providing the target ohms on each layer. ... more »

Controlled Impedance

Zero Defects guaranteed on all PCB fabrication

Reduce Re-Spins with our Zero Defect Guarantee.

Our platform sources the whole package, creating a thread from design to delivery. Fabricating PCBs. Procuring parts. Assembling your boards.

Once you upload your BOM, Our best-in-class software automatically checks for errors and cleans your file for you. After you place an order, your dedicated CAM engineer will run a full DFM and DFA check to ensure your prototype achieves Zero Defect every time—all at no additional cost to you.

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5 Attributes to Detect Counterfeit Electronic Components

Counterfeit electronic components pose a significant risk to various industries across the globe. These fake parts affect almost all sectors […]

PCB Design

How to Determine the Impedance of a Circuit

Impedance impacts how signals propagate through the board, how power is exchanged between components, and how signals leak into undesired sections of ... more »

PCB Design

How to Generate PCB Assembly Files

PCB assembly requires certain files to provide a basic idea about the component positions, orientation, and courtyard information of each and every ... more »

PCB Assembly

6 Types of Electronic Component Failures in PCBs

Electronics is at its peak with the advent of digitization. The components used in electronic equipment may experience certain failures during their ... more »

PCB Assembly

How to Reduce Ground Bounce in PCB Assembly

Ground bounce is a source of noise in a PCB assembly. It is important to prevent this as it interrupts high-speed or ... more »

PCB Assembly

Best EMI and RF Shielding Methods for Flex PCBs

Flexible PCBs, like any other electrical interconnect, are susceptible to electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference. The negative consequences of EM ... more »

Flex PCBs

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