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How to Perform PCB Design Review and Layout Clean-Up

Mistakes occur while designing a circuit board. Performing a PCB design review will help you identify and rectify these errors. […]

PCB Design

Auto Grouping of Repetitive PCB Design Blocks

Replication of design blocks is essential to reduce the complexity of your board layout. This is accomplished in ... more »

PCB Design

Design for Testing (DFT) Guidelines for PCB Manufacturing

Testing and examining a PCB after manufacturing is a pivotal factor in procuring a flawless design. Design for ... more »

PCB Assembly

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Knowledge Base

10 Best Electronic Circuit Design Practices for a Successful Prototype

Implementing decoupling schemes, efficient grounding, circuit safety measures, and capturing a schematic diagram are a few of the ... more »

PCB Design

11 Best High-Speed PCB Routing Practices

A PCB designer has a difficult task when it comes to routing a circuit board. Things get a ... more »

High Speed

5 Attributes to Detect Counterfeit Electronic Components

Counterfeit electronic components pose a significant risk to various industries across the globe. These fake parts affect almost ... more »

PCB Assembly


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These are some of the design guides designers and engineers download the most:

  • DFM Handbook
  • Controlled Impedance Design Guide
  • HDI Design Guide
  • PCB Transmission Line eBook
  • High-Speed PCB Design Guide
  • PCB Material Design Guide
  • DFA Handbook

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Case Study: Eliminating BOM and Footprint Errors in PCB Assembly

Sticking to DFA benchmarks ensures components are correctly assembled on a PCB without any discrepancies. DFA brings down ... more »

Case Studies

Case study: Designing a High-Current PCB with Voltage Doublers

PCBs with high operating current and voltage should adhere to specific layout rules to avert overheating and arcing ... more »

Case Studies

14 Aviation and Aerospace PCB Design Rules for High Reliability

When you’re designing aerospace and aviation PCBs, you need to consider structural strength, corrosion resistance, heat dissipation, and ... more »

Defense & Space

How Via Impedance Impacts Signal Integrity in PCBs

Just like trace impedance, via impedance is also important in maintaining the signal integrity of your PCB design. ... more »

Signal Integrity

Via Filling Techniques Designers Need to Know for PCB Fabrication

Via filling is a technique in which the plated hole is completely filled with a conductive or non-conductive ... more »

PCB Manufacturing

Best PCB Grounding Techniques for High-Power and HDI Designs

Incorporating proper PCB grounding techniques such as dedicated ground planes, ground vias, and galvanic isolation is critical in ... more »

PCB Design

Aerospace PCB Design Tips for Efficient Thermal Management

Advanced electronics in aerospace applications experience temperature fluctuations. A good aerospace PCB thermal management system isolates sections with ... more »

PCB Assembly

How Via Stitching Facilitates High-Current PCB Designs

Via stitching in high-current PCBs helps in creating proper ground connections, power distribution, and heat dissipation. These boards ... more »

PCB Design

S-parameters Measurement Using a Vector Network Analyzer

Designing a board for operating frequencies higher than a few hundred MHz becomes challenging as it is difficult ... more »

PCB Design

Case study: Designing 8 and 14-Layer HDI PCBs with Stacked Vias

Stacked vias are considered the most suitable solution for manufacturing HDI boards with advanced features. The configuration, with ... more »

Case Studies

IPC Class 2 VS Class 3: The Different Design Rules

As circuit board manufacturers, designers often ask us about the difference between IPC Class 2 and Class 3. ... more »


How Sequential Lamination is Performed to Manufacture HDI PCBs

Sequential lamination is a process of fabricating a circuit board using subsets composed of copper and dielectric layers. ... more »

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

Case Study: Designing an HDI Board with 0.4 and 0.65mm BGAs

BGA technology makes it possible to achieve a smaller form factor in PCBs. With a higher pin count, ... more »

Case Studies

How to Optimize Your PCB Trace Using IPC-2152 Standard

IPC-2152 is the standard for determining the current capacity, temperature rise, and width of a trace in a ... more »


6 DFM Issues Designers Should Check Before PCB Manufacturing

Every PCB should be designed in such a way that the overall cost and chances of potential DFM ... more »

PCB Design

Benefits of Choosing Turnkey PCB Manufacturing and Assembly from a Single Facility

Turnkey PCB manufacturing services include design review, fabricating bare boards, procuring components, assembly, and testing of your prototype. ... more »

PCB Assembly

What is a PCB Transmission Line?

A PCB transmission line is a type of interconnection used for moving signals from their transmitters to their ... more »

Controlled Impedance

Applying IPC-2221 Standards in Circuit Board Design

IPC-2221 is a generic standard for circuit board design. It lays down the requirements for PCB design and ... more »


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