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How to Perform PCB Design Review and Layout Clean-Up

Mistakes occur while designing a circuit board. Performing a PCB design review will help you identify and rectify these errors. […]

PCB Design

Auto Grouping of Repetitive PCB Design Blocks

Replication of design blocks is essential to reduce the complexity of your board layout. This is accomplished in ... more »

PCB Design

Design for Testing (DFT) Guidelines for PCB Manufacturing

Testing and examining a PCB after manufacturing is a pivotal factor in procuring a flawless design. Design for ... more »

PCB Assembly

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Why Controlled Impedance Really Matters?

Every day, PCB designs and components become smaller, faster – in other words, more complicated. It is now ... more »

Controlled Impedance

The Effects of High-Speed Signals in a PCB Design

The designers are constantly challenged to improve the performance of an electronic product. At the same time, the ... more »

How To PCB

Why FR4 Material is Commonly used in PCB Fabrication?

FR4 is the most common grade dielectric material that is used in the fabrication of circuit boards. This ... more »

How To PCB

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Once you upload your BOM, Our best-in-class software automatically checks for errors and cleans your file for you. After you place an order, your dedicated CAM engineer will run a full DFM and DFA check to ensure your prototype achieves Zero Defect every time—all at no additional cost to you.

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Applying IPC-2221 Standards in Circuit Board Design

IPC-2221 is a generic standard for circuit board design. It lays down the requirements for PCB design and ... more »


7 Must-Knows for Your First Flex PCB Design

Flex PCB design requires a slightly different approach than rigid PCBs. While flex PCBs can provide major savings ... more »

Flex PCBs

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Surface Mount Technology is part of the electronic assembly that deals with the mounting of electronic components to ... more »

PCB Assembly

10 Best Electronic Circuit Design Practices for a Successful Prototype

Implementing decoupling schemes, efficient grounding, circuit safety measures, and capturing a schematic diagram are a few of the ... more »

PCB Design

Rick Hartley’s PCB Design Recommendations to Minimize EMI

Rick Hartley specializes in preventing and solving EMI and signal integrity problems. He is the principal engineer at ... more »

PCB Design

How to Get a Quickturn PCB Prototype in USA

With standard technology—single lamination, through-hole, two, four, six, and eight-layer boards... a one to three-day turn is fairly ... more »

PCB Manufacturing

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