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Sierra Circuits PCB Fabrication & Assembly Capabilities

Best-in-class prototyping & PCB manufacturing capabilities
  • State-of-the-art 70,000 sq/ft facility in Sunnyvale, CA
  • Dedicated engineering services for DFM / DFA review
  • Laser direct imaging capable of 2-mil diameter drilling
  • Mil-spec / class 3 / aerospace / medical certifications
In-house assembly
  • Transparent pricing for all components and inventory
  • Full turnkey PCB options, assembled in as fast as 5 days
  • Flying probe and functional testing, 3D x-ray inspection
Exceptional lead times
  • Standard fabrication leads times range from 3-5 days
  • 24-hour expedites are available
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PCB manufacturing capabilities overview

Sierra Circuits’ advanced PCB manufacturing capabilities are the reason we have been a premier fabricator of prototypes since 1986. Whether you’re looking for advanced boards made from exotic metals or full-turnkey prototype assemblies, there’s a reason Sierra Circuits leads the industry in quality and performance.


  • Rigid, flex, and rigid-flex boards
  • High-density interconnect (HDI)
  • Advanced and exotic materials
  • Blind, buried, and stacked vias
  • 1 – 30 layers, up to 20″ x 30″ area
  • 1.5-mil trace and space
  • -/+ 5% Impedance Tolerance
  • Mil-spec / class 3 / aerospace / medical
  • ITAR registration
  • Turn times as fast as 1 day


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PCB assembly capabilities overview

  • SMT assembly – single and double-sided surface mount assembly
  • Mixed assembly – SMT, through-hole, electro-mechanical assembly
  • Plated through-hole assembly – selective soldering
  • .35mm pitch BGA, micro-BGA, QFN, CSP with 100% 3D X-ray inspection
  • BGAs, QFNs, CSPs, 0201, 01005, 08004, POP, and press fit components in small quantities
  • RoHS, leaded, indium, clean and no clean chemistries
  • Paste in-hole
  • De-ionized water cleaning of assembled boards

Fully assembled PCBs that work the first time. Ready to ship in as quick as 24 hours. Sierra Circuits is capable of assembling BGA, micro-BGA, QFN and other leadless package parts. Whether you need 1 or 10,000 boards assembled, we make it easy for your project to come to life.

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Component sourcing overview

  • Real-time stock visibility with integrated components suppliers
  • Millions of hard-to-find components warehoused on-site
  • Transparent and fair pricing
  • Full turnkey options, as well as consigned and partially-consigned assembly

Sierra Circuits creates an unbroken thread from design to delivery. We guarantee transparent pricing with integrated suppliers and access to our own inventory of common and hard-to-find parts. If we cannot source a specific component for your build, our engineers will make recommendations for fair-price alternatives so you can prototype with velocity.

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PCBA testing capabilities overview

  • Flying probe testing, including boundary scans
  • Functional testing, including engineering support for developing testing platforms
  • Reliability testing, including temperature cycling
  • In-circuit testing (ICT), including development of test fixtures
  • ROSE ionic cleanliness testing
  • Conformal coating and wire bonding

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PCB layout optimization capabilities overview

  • High-speed boards (HDMI, DDR)
  • HDI (high-density interconnect)
  • Fine-pitch BGA and QFN assembly
  • Flex and rigid-flex
  • Chip evaluation and chip characterization boards
  • Radio frequency (RF)
  • Stacked microvias
  • IPC class 2 and class 3 production capabilities

As the nation’s leading PCB manufacturer, Sierra Circuits is uniquely qualified to help bring your ideas to market. Our engineers prioritize performance, manufacturability, cost, and design for test-ability to ensure the best possible board at a fair price.

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Scenes from our 70,000 sq/ft facility in Sunnyvale, California

Sierra Circuits is
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PCBs manufactured and assembled in the United States

Turn-times as fast as 1 day.

Sierra Circuits can manufacture your PCB and have it expedited to you within 24 hours.

Full turnkey boards, with assembly and components in as fast as 5 days.

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