Author: The Sierra Team

NASA Case Study

NASA Case Study: Sensor Web Instruments

This NASA case study was originally published in Tech Briefs. It was written by Joshua Forgione, Electronics Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center. Carl Sorenson, Sensor Engineer, NASA Dryden Flight Research

Juki PCB assembly machine

Juki Pick-and-Place Assembly Machine in Action

If you haven’t taken our 360 facility tour yet, let us introduce the Juki Pick-and-Place PCB assembly machines we use to pick and place components… In case the name wasn’t

Does Your Assembly Shop Check For Component Errors?

When you choose PCB assembly with Sierra, you choose to avoid the stress, delays, and hassle that come with dealing with multiple vendors. This is why we are a one-stop

Up-Close Pcb Manufacturing and Pcb Assembly

Choose PCB Assembly with Sierra

Sierra Circuits does not only provide manufacturing services, we also do PCB assembly. We became a one-stop full turnkey shop to offer our customers quality with no hassle and no delays.

High-Tech equipment used for Pcb Assembly

Sierra’s Assembly Equipment for High-Reliability PCBs

After learning about Sierra’s thermal profiling for assembly, we are now going to tell you about the equipment that we use to make sure that your boards are properly assembled.

2 side to side pictures with Pcb Assembly Checks

Sierra’s Thermal Profiling for Assembly

Sierra Circuits is a one-stop PCB shop: we handle the layout design part, we manufacture and even assemble your printed circuit boards. As experts in the industry, we also care