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The Free Bill of Materials Tool for PCB Designers

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By The Sierra Circuits Team

November 7, 2017 | 0 Comments


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Cleaning your bill of materials just became easier and faster than ever. Sierra’s new free BOM Checker tool helps identify and resolve mismatches and errors in your Bill of Materials early in the PCB design process. There are several advantages to using the BOM Checker before your next PCB order.

Sierra’s free BOM Checker will help correct issues in the BOM before pricing.

The tool also informs you of long lead-time components, and gives users the option to change to a component with shorter lead-times. We also find and compare component pricing across multiple vendors, and offer both full and partial turnkey options.

Use our free BOM Checker to ensure your assembly BOM is clean. Then download and save your revised BOM before checking component availability and pricing.

Free BOM Checker tool
No more mismatches with Sierra’s free BOM Checker tool!

BOM Checker Capabilities

Reference Designator and Quantity Mismatches
Checks the reference designator and quantity columns to ensure consistency. The tool alerts you to mismatches and inconsistencies, and allows you to edit and fix incorrect designators and quantities.

Duplicated Reference Designators
Highlights duplicate reference designators, allowing users to edit and fix reference designators.




Incorrectly-formatted Reference Designators and Ranges
Highlights reference designators that have been formatted erroneously. Ensure reference designators and ranges are accurate before moving to the next stages of your design.

Incorrect Manufacturer Part Numbers
Compares the MPNs located on your BOM with component distributors. If errors to the MPN have been made, there is the ability to edit. Otherwise, you can resolve the issue, mark as DNI, or remove.

Free BOM Checker tool
Resolve all your BOM issues!

This tool will ensure your BOM is clean, saving time and eliminating hassle during your manufacturing process. It also confirms which parts are available and shows the pricing and lead-times, making sure an accurate time-frame is given.

Watch our BOM Checker demo:

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PCB Material Design Guide - Cover Image

PCB Material Design Guide

9 Chapters - 30 Pages - 40 Minute Read
What's Inside:
  • Basic properties of the dielectric material to be considered
  • Signal loss in PCB substrates
  • Copper foil selection
  • Key considerations for choosing PCB materials


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