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Steps To Your PCB Prototype (For Hardware Start-ups)

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By The Sierra Circuits Team

March 6, 2015 | 0 Comments


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For hardware startups, having prototype printed circuit boards are a crucial part of your device. Efficiency, cost, and board size, and much more are just a few considerations to keep in mind. John Teel has published what steps to consider when tackling the manufacturing and assembly of your PCB prototype.

We’ll list the steps out here, but for a more detailed look at the steps, check out John’s article on

1. Create The Electronics Blueprint (Or Schematic)
This includes the BOM, or bill of materials.

2. Create An Intermediate Prototype
This is an optional step, and depends on your project and price range.

3. PCB Layout
This is the step where you or your electronics engineer will create the PCB layout from your schematic: turning “the abstract schematic (blueprint) into a real world physical PCB layout.”

4. Electronics Fabrication and Assembly
After fabrication of the board, microchips and components are soldered on.

BOM Checker by Sierra Circuits

To read the rest of the John Teel’s article, check it out here.


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