Quickturn PCB Case Study

Punch Through Design is a Bluetooth expert, providing hardware and software design services for clients that are developing cutting-edge wireless accessories for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Like mobile app development, accessory manufacturing is a cut-throat industry. Whether they are building temperature sensors, speakers or headsets, being first to market gives manufacturers a huge advantage, providing enough time to build a brand and marketshare before imitators hit the market. As a result, design, testing, and manufacturing of the products’ circuit boards needs to be completed quickly and efficiently.

That’s where Punch Through Design comes in. Manufacturers approach the design firm to develop custom circuit boards that fit the accessories’ specific applications and product design. However, according to Colin Karpfinger, the company’s founder, building Alpha and Beta versions of a circuit board, testing the designs and moving to the pre-production phase can take months—time that Punch Through Design’s customers do not have.

“Time is certainly of the essence,” Karpfinger said. “Our clients are working toward investor pitches or grant deadlines and don’t have time to wait on prototype circuit boards to be manufactured. We needed a way to speed time to market for our customers.”

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In addition to being a design firm, Punch Through Design recently launched their own product, LightBlue Bean+. Sierra is proud to manufacture LightBlue Bean+.

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