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Applying IPC-2221 Standards in Circuit Board Design

IPC-2221 is a generic standard for circuit board design. It lays down the requirements for PCB design and different forms ... more »


CAN Bus Communication Protocol and Design Standards

CAN bus establishes efficient communication links among microcontrollers through a twisted pair of cables without involving a host computer.


Balanced Copper Distribution and Copper Weight in PCBs

If you are planning to design a PCB, you should consider several technical specifications related to manufacturing like material selection ... more »

PCB Design

Design for Testing (DFT) Guidelines for PCB Manufacturing

Testing and examining a PCB after manufacturing is a pivotal factor in procuring a flawless design. Design for testing (DFT) ... more »

PCB Assembly

PCB Constraint Settings Management in Altium Designer and Allegro

PCB constraint settings are necessary for a successful board design. Modern applications demand high-speed, high-density, complex stack-up design. It is ... more »

PCB Design

PCB Design Checklist to Build a Flawless Board

An extensive PCB design checklist proves beneficial for reviewing the requirements of a circuit board. Depending on the board specifications, ... more »

PCB Design

Case Study: Design of a Motor Control Board

A motor control PCB should be capable of protecting the motor circuit from overload (rise of current over a long ... more »

Case Studies

Design and Manufacture of Staggered and Stacked Vias in PCBs

Staggered and stacked vias are well adapted nowadays. Their unique design enhances the density, as well as boosts the signal ... more »

PCB Design

Case Study: Design of a Rigid-Flex Video Board

A rigid-flex video processor board is a high-performance and viable solution for embedded video and image processing. The fabrication involves ... more »

Case Studies

Case Study: Design of a High-Speed Video Board

High-speed PCB involves the transmission of signals with frequencies ranging from 50 MHz to as high as 3 GHz among ... more »

Case Studies

Case Study: Design of an RF Board with Sensors

RF circuits work at high frequencies ranging from 500MHz to 2GHz. The design and fabrication of RF boards with sensors ... more »

Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Talk with Google Laurence Moroney

We ran into Laurence Moroney of Google during DesignCon 2022 and chatted about artificial intelligence and machine learning. Watch the ... more »


Heidi Barnes on Key Elements to Achieve Signal Integrity and Power Integrity

We were lucky enough to meet Heidi Barnes during DesignCon 2022. Keysight’s most famous Senior Applications Engineer discussed signal integrity ... more »

PCB Experts

Steve Sandler on Power Integrity in PDN Design and High-Speed Simulations

The power integrity expert, Steve Sandler of Picotest, shared his perception about power integrity in PDN design, S-parameters, and Picotest ... more »

PCB Design

Next-Gen Memory DDR5 and Signal Integrity in High-Speed PCBs with Stephen Slater

Stephen Slater during DesignCon-2022 gave us a wonderful chance to talk about his views on next-gen memory and signal integrity ... more »

PCB Design

VNA or TDR: The Right Time-Domain Measurement by Mike Resso

We got an opportunity to talk to Mike Resso of Keysight during DesignCon 2022 . Watch the video to find ... more »

PCB Design

PCB Layout, Model Extractions, and Simulations by Matthew Harms

During DesignCon 2022, we interviewed Matthew Harms of EMA Design Automation to understand more about model extractions and simulations. Watch ... more »

PCB Design

DDR4, Signal Integrity, and Power Integrity in PCB Design with Benjamin Dannan

We got an opportunity to pick Benjamin Dannan’s brain during DesignCon 2022. Watch the video to find out all about ... more »

PCB Design

How to Design a Via with Current Carrying Capacity

The word ‘via’ is originally a Latin word that means road or way. In designing PCBs, vias play a crucial ... more »

PCB Design

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