Signal Integrity Quiz

Many PCBs now operate at digital signal frequencies of 10 GHz and higher, which means that appropriate measures are needed to prevent unacceptable signal degradation and their consequential errors. How much do you know about signal integrity? Take the quiz to find out!

PCB transmission line quiz

Question #1: How is the rise time of a signal often measured?

Question #2: What do changes in the impedance that a signal sees cause?

Question #3: What is the best thing to do if you want to increase the capacitance of a via?

Question #4: What is not true about propagation delays?

Question #5: Which of the following is not a step to mitigate signal degradation?

Question #6: Where does the electric signal travel fastest?

Question #7: What does signal attenuation lead to?

Question #8: How can you minimize supply voltage fluctuations?

Question #9: What is the definition of crosstalk?

Question #10: What can you do to reduce crosstalk?

Question #11: Distance D spaces a pair of microstrip traces apart, and H is the separation from the ground plane. Which of the following generates greatest amount of cross talk?

Question #12: How can you minimize signal attenuation?


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