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Flex Case Study
Gold Wire Ball Bonding Against Reflow

Case Study: Gold Wire Ball Bonding Against Reflow

Multiple Reflows at Various Gold Thicknesses Experimented by: Sneha Kaul and Christina Lum Objective To determine if multiple rounds of reflow detrimentally affect the surface condition of the gold plating

NASA Case Study

NASA Case Study: Sensor Web Instruments

This NASA case study was originally published in Tech Briefs. It was written by Joshua Forgione, Electronics Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center. Carl Sorenson, Sensor Engineer, NASA Dryden Flight Research

Case study on HDI boards

Case Study: Partner Early for HDI Board Design

When customers want to design HDI boards that are as compact as possible, there is often very little reliable guidance from the chip vendors. Heed the warnings of Texas Instruments:

Rigid-Flex PCB Case Study

Developing A Wearable High-Speed Board The US Air Force engaged HoloEye Systems to create a prototype binocular holographic waveguide visor display (HWVD) attached to the helmet worn by a pilot