Military Grade PCBs: The Heart of New Age Warfare

Patriotic PCBs

We have one of the best in class facility for PCB manufacturing and assembly. We boast ITAR expertise, and we follow them and produce the military PCBs. Our company uses only high-class materials for prepregs and core. We use the latest LDI technology for precise traces. Some really hot-shot companies are our clients and blah blah. We and almost all PCB companies have been marketing their service with these lines since ages. Therefore, today we won’t talk about those. Let’s talk patriotism today! Continue reading “Military Grade PCBs: The Heart of New Age Warfare”

Isola Astra MT77 Materials Create Excitement Among PCB Manufacturers

The development of Isola Astra MT77 laminate and prepreg materials has garnered several eye-balls, particularly among PCB manufacturers. These materials will find applications in several mm-Wave systems. Astra MT77 is a low loss FR-4 process compatible laminate and prepreg. Isola Astra MT77 offers exceptional physical properties including broad operational frequency and higher temperature range. These laminates are highly preferred for commercial RF/microwave printed circuit designs and mm-Wave applications.

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No Chilling When It Comes To PCB Drilling

Drilling is the most expensive and time-consuming process in PCB manufacturing. The PCB drilling process must be carefully implemented since even a small error can lead to a great loss. The drilling process is considered the most critical and bottleneck of printed circuit board manufacturing. A PCB design engineer must always look into the board manufacturers’ capabilities before placing an order.

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Zoom on ITAR, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations

International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or most commonly known as ITAR, is a set of government rules that control the import and export of Defence-related articles, services, and technology on the US Munitions List (USML). Quite heavy! Sounds more like something related to missiles and nuclear weapons but it has more to it. So, why am I talking about such a serious thing? What purpose does it serve in our PCB world? And most importantly, why should you be reading this?

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Computer-Aided Manufacturing: The Superpower That Makes Things Real

Remember when your 5th-grade physics teacher told you about “work done”. That no matter how much you try, it’s not “work done” unless you have a displacement. So basically, there is no point in wasting your energy pushing a wall, unless you’re equipped with superpowers. Same is with your ideas and schematics. If you do not have the aid to implement them in the physical world, you’d better be pushing walls and hope them to move. Here we are going to talk about something that will make you capable of moving a wall. Continue reading “Computer-Aided Manufacturing: The Superpower That Makes Things Real”

Comparing the Manufacturability of PCB Laminates

This presentation will discuss how to properly select PCB laminates or materials. Before selecting begins, there are many factors to consider. Make sure material characteristics fit your specific board requirements and end application. Today, we will focus on the dielectric properties, cost, and manufacturability of materials suitable for high-speed PCB designs.

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