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Rick Hartley talks about signal integrity.

Rick Hartley – The State of Signal Integrity

We met with Rick Hartley during PCB West 2018 to discuss signal integrity, controlled impedance and other PCB designers’ pain points. What can you do to improve your designs? Listen

Geoffrey Hazelett talks about impedance and Polar Instruments tools

Geoffrey Hazelett – Impedance and Polar Instruments Tools

aDuring PCB West, we met with Geoffrey Hazelett to discuss one of the most important PCB topics: impedance. Vice President Sales at Polar Instruments, he also explained the importance of understanding electromagnetic

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How Impedance Discontinuities Affect Signal Integrity

A transmission line should have a uniform characteristic impedance. Any variation or discontinuities to the impedance causes signal reflection and distortion.

How to Analyze a PCB Transmission Line

How to Analyze a PCB Transmission Line?

After establishing what a PCB transmission line is and talking about signal speed and propagation delay, and the critical length, the controlled impedance, and the rise/fall time of a PCB transmission

PCB Transmission Line: Critical Length, Controlled Impedance and Rise/Fall Time