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Amit Bahl, PCB Manufacturer

Why Your PCB Manufacturer Needs Successful PCB Designers

For the very first time, we decided to have Amit the PCB guy in front of the camera… but without any script! As a PCB manufacturer and Sierra’s Director of

Kyle Miller discusses AI for PCB design

Kyle Miller: When AI Meets PCB Design

Kyle Miller, Research Development and Product Manager at Zuken, sat down with us during PCB West to discuss his fascinating work on AI for better PCB design.

Dan Beeker discusses field physics and Ralph Morrison

Dan Beeker Discusses Field Physics and Ralph Morrison

We met with Dan Beeker, Senior Principal Engineer at NXP Semiconductors, during PCB West 2019 to discuss field physics and the legacy of Ralph Morrison.

Ben Jordan Altium Designer
IPC Designers Council - Doug Smith

Predicting Field Failure From Small Environmental Stresses

Doug Smith, the author of High-frequency Measurements and Noise in Electronic Circuits, led the latest IPC Designers Council at Cadence on April 26th. The topic was: Predicting field failure from small

Steve Sandler interviews Heidi Barnes

Steve Sandler Interviews Heidi Barnes at DesignCon 2019

Heidi Barnes discussed the roles of circuit boards with DDR5 with us at DesignCon. But that’s not all. She was also interviewed by Steve Sandler, a fellow power integrity master.