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HDI Webinar with Sierra Circuits

WEBINAR: An HDI Class with Sierra Circuits

Our first HDI webinar is entitled ”An HDI Class with Sierra Circuits.” We recorded it at our Bangalore office in June 2019 with Vadiraj Kulkarni, Senior PCB Consultant. As the

High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB

Behind the Scenes with HDI PCB and its Applications

The digital word is getting bigger hour by hour whereas the hardware associated with it is getting drastically smaller. Contrary to the popular belief, smaller the better is the way

Near-End Crosstalk Cofficient

How to Avoid Crosstalk in HDI Substrate?

High-Density Interconnection or HDI substrates are multi-layer, high-density circuits with features including the fine line and well-defined space patterns. Increasing adoption of HDI substrates enhances the overall functionality of PCBs

Differet Types of Vias
Breakout a BGA - Pin configuration

How To Breakout a .5mm BGA

When you breakout a BGA, you basically apply a fanout solution and route traces from those fanouts to the perimeter of the device prior to general routing of the PCB.

HDI Quiz

HDI Quiz #2

HDI is a complex PCB technology that uses blind, buried and micro vias. HDI is characterized by its high density of components and routing interconnections, which can pain a pain to