Cadence at PCB West

Sierra Circuits was proud to be one of the main sponsors at PCB West. Besides hosting an expo luncheon and bags, we held a reception dinner, donated to the IPC-2581 Raffle, and even held two presentations! If you managed to miss these events, you might have seen a camera at our booth.

We hired a camera crew to interview speakers, industry leaders, and friendly faces from PCB West. Here’s the second of six interviews we’ll be sharing.

Hemant Shah

Hemant Shah represented Cadence and the IPC-2581 Consortium at PCB West. Cadence had booths for their three product lines, OrCAD, Allegro and Sigrity (SI/PI Analysis). Allegro Timing Vision Environment, one of the technologies they highlighted from the show, allows users to boost productivity 400% – 500%.

Shah’s IPC-2581 Consortium presentation discussed the current status of the standard.

“IPC-2581 allows users to send just one instead of several. single intelligent format–IPC. Open, intelligent, neutral, global. It’s also been adopted by IEC, the international standards organization. This means design houses can now now design houses can exchange stackup data with fabricators electronically rather than excel, power point and word docs. This is a huge benefit to people using IPC-2581.”

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