Author: Lucy Iantosca

KiCon 2019 Sponsored by Sierra Circuits
Steve Sandler interviews Heidi Barnes

Steve Sandler Interviews Heidi Barnes at DesignCon 2019

Heidi Barnes discussed the roles of circuit boards with DDR5 with us at DesignCon. But that’s not all. She was also interviewed by Steve Sandler, a fellow power integrity master.

Machine Learning
Nitin Bhagwath - Mentor HyperLynx

Nitin Bhagwath: The HyperLynx Expert

Nitin Bhagwath sat with us at DesignCon 2019 to discuss Mentor Graphics and HyperLynx. From simulation to reality, here is how the PCB software tool works.

Marko Marin discusses signal integrity and power integrity
Heidi Barnes - DDR5

Heidi Barnes: The Role of Circuit Boards with DDR5

Like every year, Heidi Barnes from Keysight Technologies stopped by our booth at DesignCon 2019 to discuss industry news. This year, the focus was on DDR5.