Soldering Workshop #2: What You Will Learn at the Science of Soldering Class

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Soldering workshop presented by Jim Smith from November 19th to 21st in Sunnyvale, CA.

After the success of our first soldering workshop in July that attendees rated 5/5, we are excited to announce the round #2, still led by expert Jim Smith of Electronics Manufacturing Sciences on November 19-21, 2019 in Silicon Valley.

You will learn:

  • That soldering is mostly about chemistry
  • 7 easy steps that guarantee perfect soldering
  • The workmanship that all customers expect
  • Why most of what you’ve been told about soldering is wrong
  • A simple technique for ensuring that components never get much above the melting temperature of solder (most component failures are caused by overheating components)
  • Why cosmetically “perfect” connections may not be reliable
  • Why your company soldering techniques guarantee failure
  • How to make a $90 soldering iron perform like an $800 iron
  • Why “soldering” tin-plated parts is not actually soldering
  • A simple, easy way to work with ground planes
  • The fast, simple way to solder fine-pitch surface mount components
  • How to replace any component — without damaging the PCB (and without any special equipment)
  • The secret to easy lead-free soldering
  • Why you can’t inspect-in reliability
  • Why flux-cored solder isn’t suited to soldering
  • Why the greatest challenges of the lead-free world have almost nothing to do with the solder alloy
  • To never trust any lessons from the Internet
  • The “industry standards” that are 100% wrong
  • How to pick a true “no clean” flux (and avoid the false claims of flux manufacturers)
  • And much, much more on how to achieve perfect soldering


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