Author: Lucy Iantosca

Flex Case Study
Soldering Workshop #2 with Jim Smith
Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Workshop
HDI Webinar with Sierra Circuits

WEBINAR: An HDI Class with Sierra Circuits

Our first HDI webinar is entitled ”An HDI Class with Sierra Circuits.” We recorded it at our Bangalore office in June 2019 with Vadiraj Kulkarni, Senior PCB Consultant. As the

Natasha Baker

Women in Tech – Natasha Baker

Natasha Baker is the new guest of our Women in Tech series. She is the founder and CEO of SnapEDA. And you might have already read about her on our

Soldering Workshop

Soldering Workshop by Jim Smith

Our first workshop of the year is coming soon and it will be all about soldering. The event will take place at our own facilities in Sunnyvale, CA on July