Author: Amit Bahl

Amit Bahl is Director of Sales and Marketing at Sierra Circuits, a PCB manufacturer and assembler in Sunnyvale, California. He has a degree in Engineering from UCLA and oversees the sales of advanced PCB technology. Please contact Amit via email at

5 Must-Knows for Your First Flex Design

Designing a flex printed circuit board requires a slightly different approach than rigid PCBs. While flex PCBs can provide major savings in manufacturing cost as well as reduced space consumption

High Voltage PCBs
Wearables, Medical Devices' Popularity Accelerating in Health Space
Smaller, more powerful devices have led the charge for HDI PCB designs.

Becoming a PCB Master in HDI

Use these four tips to become a high density interconnect printed circuit board design master.

TDR Measurments

TDR Impedance Measurements

A Few Notes about TDR I called Ken Taylor, the president of U.S. operations for Polar Instruments, regarding a question from a customer about a time-domain reflectometer my fab uses

Speed shouldn't come at the cost of quality assurance.