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Amit Bahl is Director of Sales and Marketing at Sierra Circuits, a PCB manufacturer and assembler in Sunnyvale, California. He has a degree in Engineering from UCLA and oversees the sales of advanced PCB technology. Please contact Amit via email at

Flex PCB Design Guidelines Part 1: Pre-Layout Considerations

Tips on ensuring maximum dependability in your flex PCBs.

Flex PCBs

7 Must-Knows for Your Flex PCB Design

Flex PCB design requires a slightly different approach than rigid PCBs. While flex PCBs can provide major savings in manufacturing ... more »

Flex PCBs

How to Get a Quickturn PCB Prototype in USA

With standard technology—single lamination, through-hole, two, four, six, and eight-layer boards... a one to three-day turn is fairly routine. But ... more »

PCB Manufacturing

High Speed PCB Materials: Rogers 4350B and Panasonic Megtron 6

There has been extensive research on the development of low loss materials in the past few decades with embedded optical ... more »

High Speed

How TDR Impedance Measurements Work

Measuring impedance and checking for faults and discontinuities on different points of a PCB trace is not a cakewalk. This ... more »

Controlled Impedance

What to Expect After Ordering Your PCBs

Sierra's customers already benefit from this type of efficient, intuitive system through our NoTouch PCBs (using our automatic file verification ... more »

PCB Design

ODB++: An Intelligent Format for PCB Designs

A side-by-side comparison of ODB++, Gerbers, and IPC-2581 PCB design formats. While ODB++ and IPC-2581 have recently been revised, and ... more »

PCB Design

Choosing IPC Class for Medical Flex PCBs

Flex PCBs are widely used in medical devices and wearables as they offer some great advantages. The demand for fitness ... more »

PCB Design

Why Are Flex PCBs Used in Medical Devices and Wearables?

Fitness wearables and medical devices have become more popular nowadays. The demand for these devices is expected to increase even ... more »

Flex PCBs

Rigid-Flex Cuts Electronic Product Assembly Costs

Rigid-flex PCB designs may be expensive to fabricate, but they can essentially save costs during electronic system assembly.

Flex PCBs

Avoiding Common Flexible PCB Errors and Designing for Success

Here are a few tips on how to ensure the success of your flex PCB design.

Flex PCBs

9 Drawing Requirements for Flex PCB

To successfully design a flexible PCB, it is important for the designers to have a basic understanding of the flex ... more »

Flex PCBs

How HDI Boards Can Be More Economical

Steve Arobio, who directs PCB manufacturing, and Atar Mittal, who directs PCB design and PCB assembly, insisted this column must ... more »

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

How to Master HDI PCB Design

Use these four tips to become a high density interconnect printed circuit board design master.

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

How to Choose PCB Laminates and Materials for Fabrication

PCB material selection is the first step in your PCB design process. Selecting the right materials for your design is ... more »

PCB Design

Becoming a PCB Design Master: Designing for Layout

Proper layout design is vital for printed circuit board success, making it essential for designers to understand best practices during ... more »

PCB Design

The Challenges of Microelectronics Designs and their Benefits

To make the most of the microelectronics space, companies must ensure they're accommodating microelectronics limitations and their advantages. 

Microelectronics & Substrates

11 Tips for Micro PCB Design and Manufacturing

Here are three recommendations to help ensure that your first design is a success.

Microelectronics & Substrates

How to Choose the Best PCB Manufacturer and Be a Good Partner

It's important to find the right PCB manufacturer who can serve as an effective partner. This partner should minimize turnaround ... more »

PCB Manufacturing

Flex and HDI PCBs for the Internet of Thing

Several big trends have converged to make the Internet of Things possible, including advances in PCB design.

Flex PCBs

9 HDI Considerations for Manufacturability and Cost

At some level of circuit complexity, turning to an HDI architecture with blind and buried vias will result in better ... more »

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

PCB Manufacturing: Becoming a PCB Design Master

Manufacturing is a crucial component PCB designers must keep in mind when constructing printed circuit boards.

PCB Design

IPC Guidelines and Basic Testing for Flex PCBs

What you should know about IPC guidelines for your flex PCB designs.

Flex PCBs

Happy Holden Discusses HDI

When we talked last, Happy not only answered all of my HDI questions, he also included a few tips for ... more »

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

The History of High Density Interconnect

Implementing HDI at modern levels involved making changes in materials, imaging, assembly, testing, and design. This article examines those changes ... more »

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

S3 Test Eases Laminate Selection

For her MIT master’s thesis in engineering, Michelle Rybak investigated signal loss over frequency of six different PCB laminates, with ... more »

PCB Design

Tips Every PCB Designer Should Know

A board design that will be produced in quantity had better take into account how it can be replicated per ... more »

PCB Design

Consult Your Fabricator, Especially for Hybrid Designs

For manufacturers, there’s yet another consideration besides chip load and that’s drill hit count; the sharper the drill, the fewer ... more »

Flex PCBs

Making Sub 3/3 A Reality

Prudent PCB designers used to have good reasons for avoiding trace widths and spaces smaller than 3 mils beyond very ... more »

PCB Design

Learning about High-Speed PCB Design

Progress in electronics may not depend so much on semiconductor advances as it does on a transition to PCB laminates ... more »

High Speed

Case Study: Custom BGA for MIT Particle Physicist

Physicists explore the fundamental constituents of matter by accelerating subatomic particles to speeds approaching that of light and colliding them ... more »

Case Studies

Manufacturing Profitable HDI PCBs

Yield Drives Profit The first step toward designing a printed circuit board is to identify the least expensive materials that ... more »

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

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