Author: Amit Bahl

Amit Bahl is Director of Sales and Marketing at Sierra Circuits, a PCB manufacturer and assembler in Sunnyvale, California. He has a degree in Engineering from UCLA and oversees the sales of advanced PCB technology. Please contact Amit via email at
Speed shouldn't come at the cost of quality assurance.

May You Survive HDI PCB

HDI PCBs push the manufacturing boundaries with their fine lines and spaces. Add blind, buried and micro vias to the design and things can quickly go wrong. Here are some tips

Comparing the Manufacturability of PCB Laminates

This presentation will discuss how to properly select PCB laminates or materials. Before selecting begins, there are many factors to consider. Make sure material characteristics fit your specific board requirements

Quicker PCB Turntime

How to Get a Quicker PCB Turntime

Getting a quicker PCB turntime is not science fiction. There are a few facts on PCB manufacturing that you simply need to acknowledge before you begin working on your design.

Quality PCB Manufacturer

How to Find a Quality PCB Manufacturer

Here’s what to look for when searching for a quality PCB manufacturer. Whether you need 5 or 500 boards, basic rigid or complex HDI PCB prototypes, this is how you

PCB Design for Manufacturing

Better PCB Design for Manufacturing

Amit the PCB Guy is here to talk about unforeseen issues when working on your PCB design. If you want to nail your PCB design for manufacturing, it is important to