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Via Filling Techniques Designers Need to Know for PCB Fabrication

PCB via filling is a technique in which the plated hole is filled with a conductive or non-conductive material. It ... more »

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Stack-up: Plan, Design, Manufacture and Repeat

Often ignored, it is important to understand the difference between an HDI stack-up and a standard stack-up. The primary reason ... more »

PCB Design

Advantages of Ordering PCB Prototype and Bulk Production from a Single Fab House

Choosing the same fab house for PCB prototypes and bulk production has many advantages such as better DFM collaboration, manufacturing ... more »

PCB Manufacturing

How to Design and Build a Hybrid PCB Stackup

A hybrid stackup construction enhances your PCB’s performance and cost-effectiveness by combining different materials or technologies. It helps you achieve ... more »

PCB Manufacturing

How Via Stitching Facilitates High-Current PCB Designs

Via stitching in high-current PCBs helps in creating proper ground connections, power distribution, and heat dissipation. These boards carry high ... more »

PCB Design

How to Optimize Your PCB Trace Using IPC-2152 Standard

IPC-2152 is the standard for determining the current capacity, temperature rise, and width of a trace in a printed circuit ... more »


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Surface Mount Technology is part of the electronic assembly that deals with the mounting of electronic components to the surface ... more »

PCB Assembly

Rick Hartley’s PCB Design Recommendations to Minimize EMI

Rick Hartley specializes in preventing and solving EMI and signal integrity problems. He is the principal engineer at RHartley Enterprises ... more »


How to Troubleshoot and Repair Your PCB

By troubleshooting and repairing a PCB, you will extend the lifespan of the circuit, which is both cost-efficient and time-saving. ... more »

PCB Assembly

How to Mitigate EMI Issues in Your PCB Designs by Daniel Beeker

Daniel Beeker of NXP Semiconductors shared his insights about the techniques to avoid EMI in PCBs at PCB West 2022. ... more »


How System-in-Package (SiP) Facilitates HDI PCB Designs

We ran into Vern Solberg of Solberg Technical Consulting at PCB West 2022 and discussed the features of system-in-package. Watch ... more »

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

Benefits of HSD Apps by Tim Wang Lee

We met Tim Wang Lee at PCB West 2022 and discussed the advantages of high-speed digital applications (HSD apps). Watch ... more »

PCB Experts

Best Practices for Designing PCB Antennas for Wireless Applications

We ran into Ben Jordan of Jordan DSP LLC at the PCB West 2022 and had the privilege of discussing ... more »

PCB Design

7 Tips and PCB Design Guidelines for EMI and EMC

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is associated with every electronic device we use nowadays. If you turn on your radio set and ... more »


How Grounding Controls Noise and EMI in a PCB

At PCB West 2022, we interviewed Rick Hartley to find out how circuit grounding controls noise and EMI. Watch the ... more »


The Benefits of IPC-2581 Revision C

At PCB West 2022, we had a chance to converse with Hemant Shah, the chairman of the IPC-2581 consortium, about ... more »

IPC Designers Council

Why Polyimide PCB Material is the Right Choice for Flex Designs?

Choosing the right flexible PCB material is crucial as it impacts board functionality, production time, and cost. But how to ... more »

Flex PCBs

How to Perform PCB Design Review and Layout Clean-Up

Mistakes occur while designing a circuit board. Performing a PCB design review will help you identify and rectify these errors. ... more »

PCB Design

MedTech PCB Design Considerations with IPC and UL Standards

Medical science is highly reliant on electronic devices for diagnostics and treatment. Medtech PCB design for these equipment requires considerable ... more »


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