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5 DFM Issues Designers Should Check Before PCB Manufacturing

Every PCB should be designed in such a way that the overall cost and chances of potential DFM issues can ... more »

PCB Design

Wet PCB Etching Using Acidic and Alkaline Methods

Copper etching is one of the important processes in PCB manufacturing. We can simply say that wet PCB etching is ... more »

PCB Manufacturing

What is a Prepreg in PCB Manufacturing?

As simple as it is, a prepreg is nothing but an insulation layer. Prepreg is a dielectric material that is ... more »

PCB Design

5 Military Grade PCB Design Rules and Considerations

The term military-grade PCBs can only be used in relation to products manufactured to military specifications. The equipment consisting of ... more »

Defense & Space

PCB Drilling Explained: The Dos and the Don’ts

Drilling is the most expensive and time-consuming process in PCB manufacturing. The PCB drilling process must be carefully implemented since ... more »

PCB Manufacturing

The Advantages of Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards

When the temperature of a PCB assembly starts rising, the owner of that board begins to sweat profusely. Clearly, they ... more »

PCB Design

PCB Cross-Section Analysis: A Microscopic Visual Validation of PCBs

The cross-section or micro-section analysis is a destructive analysis that measures the quality of the manufactured board. It’s basically an ... more »

PCB Assembly

Ball Grid Array (BGA): Features, Soldering Technique, and X-Ray Inspection

Electronic devices are shrinking in size and increasing in complexity due to improvements in VLSI technology. The need for more ... more »

PCB Assembly

11 Best High-Speed PCB Routing Practices

A PCB designer has a difficult task when it comes to routing a circuit board. Things get a lot more ... more »

High Speed

9 Factors That Lead to Signal Integrity Issues in a PCB

Avoiding signal integrity issues in a PCB is an extremely complex task for designers. It requires a deep understanding of ... more »

Controlled Impedance

The Advantages of HDI PCBs and their Applications

The digital world is getting complex hour by hour whereas the hardware associated with it is getting drastically smaller. The ... more »

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

Annular Ring Explained by a PCB Manufacturer

Annular rings are one of the biggest concerns of PCB designers. You know that you may place your via right ... more »

PCB Design

Birdstop: Automating Data Collection for Remote Assets

Drones are essentially flying robots that unlock easy movement in 3-dimensional space. They are either remotely controlled or can fly ... more »

Industry News

Case Study: Gold Wire Ball Bonding Against Reflow

As evident of these series of tests, multiple rounds of reflow do not appear to negatively impact the bondability of ... more »

Case Studies

Stanford Solar Car Project Crew Ready To Unleash Black Mamba

The Stanford Solar Car Project (SSCP) team has set its foot on the land down under, Australia. The crew is ... more »


Automotive PCB: The Chassis of the Modern Automotive Industry

The sound vroom… has been turning heads since the time the automobiles hit the streets. The integration of electronics has ... more »


How PCB Vias Interconnect Circuit Board Layers

To achieve this criterion, PCBs are made up of multiple layers. But how are these multilayers connected to each other ... more »

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

Stanford Solar Car: The Green Car Makers

The automotive industry is in for a treat! The young inventors of Stanford University are crafting a solar car which ... more »


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