Wearable Tech: Computer Accessories

Wearable tech accessories have expanded to include devices that sync up with your computer. Here are two movement-controlled devices that, when launched, will almost certainly change the way we use desktop monitors.


Are your fingers tired of swiping and tapping? Do you sometimes dream of controlling your devices with a swish of your finger, not unlike the waving of a wand? Nod may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Nod is a gesture control ring that allows wearers to control devices through movement. Created by Nod Labs, it is also waterproof and comes in 12 sizes.

Microsoft Motion-Sensing Keyboard

Microsoft is developing a new keyboard with sensors that track your movements. This means hand swiping, air typing, or zoom could be accessible on your desktop soon.

Similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, their keyboard will run on sensor controls. These controls will be located within the keyboard, registering gestures above the sensor.

The secret is an array of infrared sensors soldered on to the PCB,
lining the space between the keyboard’s rows of letters.

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