PCB Assembly: 8 Tips For Design For Assembly

Designing with PCB assembly in mind is one of the most important and frequently misunderstood elements. This series is dedicated to helping you become a designing pro—someone whose PCB design has been optimized on the first try, ensuring a smooth quickturn PCB production process. Follow these tips when you design for assembly. Continue reading “PCB Assembly: 8 Tips For Design For Assembly”

PCBs: From Concept To Ordering

Say your business is looking for a new printed circuit board—anything from the finished layout for a wearable device or a heads-up display, to fabrication and assembly of a prototype. No matter the case, precise manufacturing and quick turnaround times, as well as a reliable single point of support throughout the entire process, are essential to getting what you need, when you need it. Continue reading “PCBs: From Concept To Ordering”

IPC-2581B Will Ease the Information Transfer of PCB Stackups

PCB manufacturers often find that important details are unclear or missing from the designs customers submit, and such projects can’t move forward until the designers are reached for clarification. In many of those cases, it is the way design data are organized and conveyed that is ultimately to blame. Continue reading “IPC-2581B Will Ease the Information Transfer of PCB Stackups”