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Emily Morita is a Marketing Writer for Sierra Circuits. She writes and curates industry news for the Sierra Circuits blog and helps manage our social media outreach. Contact her directly via email at
PCB Design For Assembly

PCB Assembly: 8 Tips For Design For Assembly

Designing with PCB assembly in mind is one of the most important and frequently misunderstood elements. This series is dedicated to helping you become a designing pro—someone whose PCB design has

BOM Checker

Introducing Sierra’s BOM Checker!

Are errors in your BOM causing delays? Are your component quantities and reference designators mismatched? Sierra has a free tool that will speed up your entire PCB process.

How Limiting the Effects of EMI Improves Signal Integrity

Electromagnetic interference, or EMI as it is commonly known, is a major cause of signal integrity problems for PCBs. All electronic circuits generate EMI and all are affected by it.


Is Your BOM Clean?

Cleaning your BOM just became easier and faster than ever. Sierra’s new free BOM Checker tool helps identify and resolve mismatches and errors in your Bill of Materials early in

Introducing Turnkey Pro!

Sierra Circuits is proud to introduce Turnkey Pro, a free online service that allows you to order PCBs and PCB Assembly entirely online.

Mark Montrose at DesignCon 2017

DesignCon is one of our industry’s largest shows, and one of our favorites. From emerging trends to industry breakthroughs, this show covers it all. We interviewed speakers and thought leaders