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Prepreg the slice of cheese in PCB

Prepreg: The Slice of Cheese in your PCB

As simple as it is, a prepreg is nothing but an insulation layer. Prepreg is a dielectric material that is sandwiched between two cores or between a core and a

Sierra sends your rockets to space

Aerospace: Send Your Rockets into Space with Sierra

Sending rockets to space is not science fiction anymore. In a few years, we will even all pack our bags to go to Mars on vacay with Elon. You still

Case study on HDI boards

Case Study: Partner Early for HDI Board Design

When customers want to design HDI boards that are as compact as possible, there is often very little reliable guidance from the chip vendors. Heed the warnings of Texas Instruments:

Michael Ford - IPC-2581

Michael Ford – The Benefits of IPC-2581 in Industry 4.0

IPC-2581 benefits both the designers and manufacturers in Industry 4.0. Michael Ford, European Marketing Director at Aegis Software Corporation, told us about the advantages when we met him during PCB West.

Bill Hargin - PCB materials and signal integrity
HDI Quiz

HDI Quiz #2

HDI is a complex PCB technology that uses blind, buried and micro vias. HDI is characterized by its high density of components and routing interconnections, which can pain a pain to