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Zoom on ITAR, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations

International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or most commonly known as ITAR, is a set of government rules that control the import and export of Defence-related articles, services, and technology on

CAM in process for manufacturing a PCB

Computer-Aided Manufacturing: The Superpower That Makes Things Real

Remember when your 5th-grade physics teacher told you about “work done”. That no matter how much you try, it’s not “work done” unless you have a displacement. So basically, there

Comparing the Manufacturability of PCB Laminates

This presentation will discuss how to properly select PCB laminates or materials. Before selecting begins, there are many factors to consider. Make sure material characteristics fit your specific board requirements

Laser Direct Imaging

Laser Direct Imaging: A Sharp and Precise Technology

The leap of advancement from the conventional phototool to laser direct imaging (LDI) was fascinating but tough. Let’s find how we sailed this journey. Introduction: Why the change? We have

Wet PCB Etching Using Acidic and Alkaline Methods

PCB etching is a process of removal of unwanted copper (Cu) from the circuit board. When I say unwanted, it is nothing but the non-circuit copper that is removed from

Prepreg the slice of cheese in PCB

Prepreg: The Slice of Cheese in your PCB

As simple as it is, a prepreg is nothing but an insulation layer. Prepreg is a dielectric material that is sandwiched between two cores or between a core and a