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HDI Quiz

HDI Quiz #2

HDI is a complex PCB technology that uses blind, buried and micro vias. HDI is characterized by its high density of components and routing interconnections, which can pain a pain to

Breakout a .4mm BGA

How to breakout a .4mm BGA

One thing PCB designers will all agree on is that to breakout a BGA, you need precision and discipline. When you breakout a BGA, you basically apply a fanout solution.

HDI Considerations: Manufacturability and Cost

At some level of circuit complexity, turning to an architecture with blind and buried vias will result in better yield and lower cost than would a through-hole design. In this

Wearables, Medical Devices' Popularity Accelerating in Health Space
Smaller, more powerful devices have led the charge for HDI PCB designs.

Becoming a PCB Master in HDI

Use these four tips to become a high density interconnect printed circuit board design master.

HDI PCBs: Choosing The Right Material

Choosing the right dielectric material for a PCB is important no matter what application you’re working on, but the stakes are higher with High Density Interconnect (HDI) technologies.