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HDI Quiz

HDI Quiz

Do you know everything about HDI PCBs? Take our quiz to find out!

HDI Stackup Planner Tutorial

Using Sierra Circuits’ free HDI Stackup Planner before you begin your layout design will ensure that your HDI PCB design will be manufacturable the very first time.

May You Survive HDI PCB

HDI PCBs push the manufacturing boundaries with their fine lines and spaces. Add blind, buried and micro vias to the design and things can quickly go wrong. Here are some tips

Printed circuit board technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 50 years.

PCBs for the Internet of Things

Several big trends have converged to make the Internet of Things possible, including advances in PCB design.

Happy Holden Discusses HDI

Happy Holden is the authoritative leader on High-Density Interconnect. Anytime we talk to Happy, we always come back with new information for our customers. He has shared Tips for Designing