Flex your potential.

Flexible PCBs are lightweight, easy to install, durable, and compact. The wide range of motion makes it ideal for nearly all applications. Use flexible circuits in “bend to install” applications or dynamic applications, where the circuits are continuously in motion. Flexible circuits are also advantageous for the design packages where space is a primary concern.

We offer three types of flex PCBs:

• Flex
• Rigid-flex
• HDI flex

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Physical advantages for flex:

More flexibility, as the name suggests
Improved resistance to vibrations and movement; lower mass/weight
Small package size
Allows the board to bend to its desired applicable shape
Allows for more compact devices
High tensile strength—can be significantly warped/deformed without breakage
High bendiness—up to 360 degrees
Easier to prepare for harsh environments
The use of flexible flat cables (FCC), which can bend without being damaged, and takes up less space than traditional wires

Manufacturing & assembly advantages:

Increase in design freedom
Installation flexibility
Increased reliability and durability
Improved heat dissipation
Improved airflow

Flex Capabilities (Advanced)

PCB Attributes

Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex
Min Layer Count11
Max Layer Count12≥ 16
Min Board thickness
Max Board thickness
Min Core thickness.001”.002”
Min Dielectric
Min Starting Copper Foil Weight
Max Finished Copper Weight (I/L)2 oz2 oz
Max Finished Copper thickness (O/L)9 micron9 micron
Max Finished Copper thickness (I/L)
Min Panel Size
Max Panel Size
Smallest Mechanical Drill Diameter.0079”.0059”
Smallest Laser Drill Diameter.003″.003″
Min Finished Hole Size
Max through Hole Aspect Ratio14:114:1
Max Blind Via Aspect Ratio.75:1.75:1
Blind Via Finished Hole Size.004”.004”
Buried Via Finished Hole Size.004”.004”
Min Trace and Space≤ .0035”≤ .0030”
Min Pad Size for Test.005”.005”
Process Pad DiameterD + .014” (1-mil Annular Ring)D + .014” (1-mil Annular Ring)
Stacked ViasNoNo
Min Wire Bond Pad Size> .006”> .006”
Controlled Impedance Tolerance10%10%
Solder Mask RegistrationWitdin .002”Witdin .002”
Solder Mask Feature Tolerance.001”.001”
Solder Mask Min Dam Size.004”.002”
Min Diameter Route Cutter Available.024”.024”
Mechanical Routed Part Size Tolerance.010”.010”
Laser Hole Location Tolerance.0005”.0005”
Laser Routed Part Size Tolerance – Can only be done witd panels < .032” tdick.001”.001”
Bow and Twist ToleranceN/A7% Along Rigid Area
Tickness Tolerance10%10%
Sequential Laminations22
Buried ViasYesYes
Blind ViasYesYes
Conductive Filled ViasYesYes
Non Conductive Filled ViasYesYes

Surface Finishes

Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex
HASL (Vertical or Horizontal)YesYes
Lead Free HASLYesYes
OSP (Shikoku F2)YesYes
OSP (Entek)YesYes
ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold)YesYes
Immersion SilverYesYes
Immersion White TinYesYes
Tin NickelYesYes
Electrolytic Soft GoldYesYes
Electrolytic Hard GoldYesYes
Selective GoldYesYes

Solder Mask Finishes

Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex
Semi – Glossy

Solder Mask Colors

Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex
Bright White


Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex
All Colors


Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex
Routed Array
V Score, Edge to Copper
V Score Angles
Edge Castellation
Edge Plating

Electrical Test

Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex
10 Volt
40 Volt (Burn-In Boards)
250 Volt
500 Volt
Hi Pot

Laminate Materials

Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex
Very tdin Film
Arlon 85NT
Hybrid Constructions
Isola FR406
Isola FR408 HR
Isola P95
Isola P96
Iteq IT180
Panasonic R1766
Panasonic R1755
Panasonic Megtron
Nelco N4000-13
Nelco N4000-29
Nelco BT N5000
Nelco N7000-2
No Flow Prepreg
Isola 370HR
Polyclad Getek
PSA Bond Film
Rogers 3000 Series
Rogers R4000 Series
Rogers 5000 Series
Rogers 6000 Series
Rogers TMM

Available Reports

Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex
X-Ray FluorescenceYesYes
Ionic ContaminationYesYes
Time Domain Reflectometry Test (TDR)YesYes
Certificate of ComplianceYesYes


Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex

PCB Classifications Mil-Spec

Product FeaturesFlexRigid-Flex
IPC 6012, Class 1, 2 and 3
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13485:2016