Our Guidelines When You Order Online

What are the steps in ordering FAB+?

  1. 1. Go to the Fab+Assembly quote screen and fill in your PCB specs.
  2. 2. Optionally put in parameters for Assembly labor quote.
  3. 3. Optionally upload BOM if you wish to get turnkey pricing.
  4. 4. Complete the check-out process and upload your zipped Gerber files.

After you place your order, track your order online. Your design will be reviewed and you will be contacted if there are any discrepancies. Please review our list of reasons why your order may go on hold in our General FAQ. Be available to answer questions, respond to suggestions from the review of your files by our technical support center.

Even if your design doesn’t meet these specs, you will find our matrix has a place to upload your file for a custom quote. Do so and we’ll email you a custom quote quickly!

What files do I need to include?

For PCB order:

  • The following files are needed as part of a zip package when you place an order: Gerber files using English units in RS-274X format or ODB++ format. (Note: 274D format is not accepted)
  • Fabrication print in Gerber format, showing the board outline with drill pattern and sizes.
  • Exellon drill file in ASCII format with the following parameters:
    • Units = Inch
    • Tool Units = Inch
    • Coordinate = Absolute
    • Zeros omitted = Trailing
    • Number format = 2.4
  • ASCII text file called Readme.txt with the following critical information:
    • All relevant details about the board, including thickness
    • Listing of all file names and what they are. (eg top copper, top solder mask, bottom solder mask etc)
    • Layer stackup sequence
  • How to represent board Outline
    • We STRONGLY PREFER that board outline should be in the Gerbers– it could be on any of the Gerber layers or on its own separate layer.
    • If that is not possible, our second preference would be to have the outline in the fabrication drawing with dimensions clearly shown.
    • Any other way of representing the outline would not be acceptable and your order may go on-hold.

For assembly order (optional):

  • You will load BOM file online during quoting, so we can price the components instantly. We will only use the BOM data from what is loaded online. See the format of BOM file in this sample BOM.
  • When you place an order you will upload the zip file with gerbers in it. In that zip file, we will also expect XY Data and Assembly Drawing (see sample XYRS file here).
  • If you are placing a turnkey or partial-turnkey assembly order, we will not need a BOM file with your zipped Gerber files, since we will only use BOM data from you already loaded online during quoting process.
  • If you are placing a fully consigned assembly order, then do go ahead and include a BOM file along with the zipped Gerber files.

What if my design has Via-in-Pad features?

If your boards have via-in-pad features on component pads, we put the PCBs through a process of via-filling to ensure good solderability. This is the best practice for board fabrication (regardless of which company assembles the boards.) We specifically ask in the online system if your design has via-in-pad features on component pads; if so, the online system quotes it appropriately. If you indicate No for via-in-pad in the online quote but during our DFM process we do find such features, please understand that this may add to your price and lead time. A customer service team member will contact you accordingly.

How does the on-hold time affect the due date of my order?

The schedule is extended depending on how much time your job is on-hold. Sometimes being on-hold for too long may cause certain internal manufacturing deadlines to be missed and may lead to a full extra day delay. Bottom line: The quicker we can get an answer from you on the on-hold issue, the quicker you get your job. We make the best effort to make up for lost time, but cannot guarantee it.

What is the cancellation policy for Web PCB orders?

Cancellation charges apply, depending on how far along the order has progressed. We will make our best effort to minimize cost to the customers. 

How do I calculate turn time? What is the cut off time to place an order?

For all turn times (except same day turn): Files should be received by 5:00 PM (then this day is counted as Day 0). And the next day is counted as Day 1.

For example: If you place a 3-day turn PCB order by 5:00 PM on Monday, then Tuesday is counted as Day 1 and the order will ship on Day 3 which is Thursday evening.

Note: Weekends and business holidays are not counted.

For assembly orders, please note that if you are sending us components, the date we receive components will factor into the final ship date.

Based on the turn time you chose for PCB fabrication and for assembly, we provide you a projected ship date as soon as the order is placed. Our projected date includes the buffer we need for sending our PCBs to our assembly plant. The ship date may change if there are any on-holds which are not resolved quickly or if there are delays from your side (say, in sending us consigned components).

When will my boards ship if I order today?

Can we do a Will-Call pickup for WEB PCBs? What are the guidelines for Will-Call?

Yes, we do allow Will-Calls for Web PCBs, with the following guidelines:

  • A service charge of $15 applies to every will-call order.
  • On the day that your boards are due, we will give you a confirmation call by 4 PM.
  • Boards can be picked up from our lobby at:
    1108 West Evelyn Avenue,
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086
  • Your order can be picked up only between 5 to 6 pm PST.
  • Please have a printed sales order confirmation ready and a valid ID.
  • Once you are in the lobby, someone will help you- or you may call your Web Product Specialist.
  • In the rare case when a will-call order is not ready on the due date, the will-call service charges will be canceled.

Billing Questions

How can I establish credit?

(Note that Internet orders are through credit card (Amex/Visa/MC,Discover) only). For orders through your Account Managers, standard terms are net 30. Anything different must have written approval. Fax your credit information to 408-735-1408 with Attn: Credit Department on the cover sheet.

Please fax the following: Your name, company, address, bank references and at least 3 trade references.

How are taxes calculated? What if my boards are for re-sale?   

No Sales Tax is charged for orders shipped to a location outside of California. Following applies only to orders shipping to a California address: To exempt a Web PCB order from California Sales Tax, you must mark order as “Non Taxable” and mention your resale number. You should also upload your resale certificate online or email it to webpcb@protoexpress.com.

Can I use my own FedEx account?

Yes, we accept your FedEx account number.