Rigid-Flex Webinar with Altium

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Sierra and Altium have teamed up to bring you a rigid-flex webinar. We discussed rigid-flex PCB design for manufacturing tips, sample stack-ups, and best practices for your next design.

In it, we will be discussing:

– How to design the most cost-efficient rigid-flex layer stack-up.
– How to avoid wasting money and time on paper doll prototyping.
– How to save money on material selections for adhesives and copper layers.

Better DFM by Sierra Circuits

Watch our rigid-flex webinar with Altium!

Have any questions you’d like addressed? Write out your questions in the comments tweet us at @SierraCircuits. We’ll be answering questions at the end of the webinar—and any unanswered questions will be resolved on our blog.



Flex Design Guide

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