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How to Pick RF PCB Materials: 6 Important Factors to Consider

When designing RF PCBs, selecting the right material is pivotal for achieving optimal board performance. The properties of the RF ... more »

High Speed

Case Study: Reverse Engineering a Flex PCB to Generate Design Files

Our PCB design engineers reverse-engineered a flex circuit to recreate the design files and optimize the LCD connectivity. The FPC ... more »

Case Studies

Case Study: Designing Loose-Leaf Rigid-Flex PCB Stack-up for Enhanced Flexibility

When designing a flex circuit board, balancing structural reliability and signal integrity is paramount. In our recent project, we tackled ... more »

Flex PCBs

Case Study: Resolving EMI and PCB Routing Issues in a Medical Optical Scanner

Our PCB design engineers worked on a medical circuit board for a healthcare device: an advanced optical scanner for ophthalmology. ... more »

Case Studies

The Importance of PCB Line Spacing, Creepage, and Clearance

The PCB line spacing for creepage and clearance becomes an important factor from a product safety viewpoint when the standard ... more »

High Current

Case Study: Designing Microcontroller and Functional PCBs with an Antenna

We recently worked on a PCB design comprising 2 modules. Module 1 has a microcontroller, and module 2 hosts antenna ... more »

High Speed

Solder Mask Layer in PCBs: Top 4 DFM Guidelines

After PCB fabrication, the copper traces on the board typically face the risk of oxidation and corrosion due to environmental ... more »

PCB Manufacturing

How to Design Reliable Microvias in Your PCBs

Microvia failure occurs due to the thermal stresses that arise during the PCB assembly process. These stresses can have a ... more »

HDI / Blind & Buried Vias

What is Signal Propagation Delay in PCBs?

Delay is frustrating, whether in our daily lives or the devices we use for our convenience. Propagation delay/time delay inhibits ... more »

PCB Design

13 Common DFM Mistakes in Rigid-Flex PCBs and Techniques to Avoid Them

Sierra and Altium have teamed up to bring you a rigid-flex webinar. We discussed rigid-flex PCB design for manufacturing tips, ... more »

Flex PCBs

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