Design For Assembly

The Ten Commandments of Design for Assembly

You might think that most PCB designers would know how to avoid the most obvious blunders that can gum up board assembly. But you would be wrong. I can tell

For a Successful PCB, Communication Is Key

Talking with your manufacturer guarantees the best possible materials are used and stackup planning is done correctly. Dialogue should begin before designing your PCB and continue throughout the entire process.

ODB++: An Intelligent Format for PCB Designs

A side-by-side comparison of ODB++, Gerbers, and IPC-2581 PCB design formats. While ODB++ and IPC-2581 have recently been revised, and are quite similar, it is Gerbers that is the industry

Reasons to Visit a PCB Shop

Why Should You Visit A PCB Shop? Few designers ever ven­ture to visit the shops that will or might build their boards, even when those manufacturers are practically next door.

HDI Case Study

HDI Case Study

Why Should I Partner Early for HDI Board Design? To preface this story about the design of my first HDI boards, let me point out I’m primarily an analog design