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Losses in PCB Transmission Lines

Losses in PCB Transmission Lines

This article covers in-depth the topic of losses in PCB transmission lines. We will talk about conductor loss, signal trace resistance, dielectric loss, loss tangent/dissipation factor of a dielectric, and

Picotest PerfectPulse

PerfectPulse Is the Pocket-Sized TDR Every Engineer Needs

Released last month, the PerfectPulse J2151A is the fast edge signal generator and TDR you’ve been looking for. Made by Picotest, the Phoenix-based high-resolution test company, the PerfectPulse is the

Impedance Discontinuity and Signal Reflection in PCB Transmission Lines
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How Impedance Discontinuities Affect Signal Integrity

A transmission line should have a uniform characteristic impedance. Any variation or discontinuities to the impedance causes signal reflection and distortion.