Don’t Put Your Board On Hold

Common On-Hold Criteria

You can help to ensure that your PCBs gets manufactured without being put on hold. Please review these common reason for on-holds.

  • Any file is corrupt or missing
  • PCB fabrication print is not supplied, or it is missing the following:
    • Material type and finished thickness of the board
    • Finished copper weight
    • Board dimensions and outline
    • Cut outs or slots information
  • Discrepancies between Gerber files and PCB fabrication print
  • Board construction is not defined
  • Surface finish not defined
  • No drill file available
  • Drill file is not ASCII format
  • Missing holes
  • Plated and non-plated holes not defined
  • No aperture list available
  • No layer stack-up information available
  • Gerber files not scaled one to one
  • Thermal connections missing on plane layers
  • Plane layers should be supplied in negative format for the following reasons:
    • Negative layers, in many cases, are not as large of a file size as positive layer files
    • Negative layers are much quicker to work with when we run our engineering analysis
    • Positive layers contribute to longer test times in final test
    • Polygons in plane layers and signal layers are not desired for the following reasons:
    • Our CAD program will attempt to fill the polygons automatically but can miss some areas on the layers. This would result in missing data and possibly a non-functional board.

Important note for customers who want electrical testing of their circuit boards:

We expect customers to provide IPC Netlist for the boards that need to be electrically tested. If IPC Netlist is not provided in 356 format, Sierra Circuits will create a netlist from the incoming customer Gerber files to generate an electrical test program. In such cases, Sierra Circuits cannot guarantee, nor can it be liable for the electrical performance of the boards, since the test program itself is derived from the files submitted.

If you send us your design files in multiple formats (say, Gerbers and ODB++) it is your responsibility to ensure that the design in both formats is the same. We reserve the right to use any of the formats sent to us and will not cross-check between formats for consistency.

How can I establish credit?

(Note that Internet orders are through credit card (Amex/Visa/MC/Discover) only). For orders through your Account Manager, standard terms are net 30. Anything different must have written approval. Fax your credit information to (408) 735-1408 with Attn: Credit Department on the cover sheet.

Please fax the following: Your name, company, address, bank references and at least 3 trade references.

How are taxes calculated?

No Sales Tax is charged for orders shipped to a location outside of California. All engineering charges are taxed as per California tax law. To exempt a standard, full service order from tax, you must submit a purchase order clearly stating that boards are for resale and include resale number on the day of the order, as well as a resale card.

For our online specials, you can upload resale card information on the website while placing the order.

Can I use my own FedEx account?

For full service Internet orders, we accept your FedEx account number. Please use your Account Manager to place orders with your FedEx account number.


We strive to keep information on this page relevant and accurate. However, some information may change over time or may be out-of-date at the time you read it. You can confirm any information by contacting our customer service.