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Paul Cooke - Aerospace circuits boards

Paul Cooke – Aerospace Circuit Boards and Their Challenges

Aerospace circuit boards and electronics come with their fair share of challenges. Paul Cooke, Director of Field Application Engineering at FTG, answered our questions on special features, reliability, materials, EMI, etc.

Michael Ford - IPC-2581

Michael Ford – The Benefits of IPC-2581 in Industry 4.0

IPC-2581 benefits both the designers and manufacturers in Industry 4.0. Michael Ford, European Marketing Director at Aegis Software Corporation, told us about the advantages when we met him during PCB West.

Geoffrey Hazelett talks about impedance and Polar Instruments tools

Geoffrey Hazelett – Impedance and Polar Instruments Tools

aDuring PCB West, we met with Geoffrey Hazelett to discuss one of the most important PCB topics: impedance. Vice President Sales at Polar Instruments, he also explained the importance of understanding electromagnetic

Dennis Nagle, Cadence
Bill Hargin - PCB materials and signal integrity