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PCB Assembly

Common Errors That Cause PCB Assembly Holds

Assembly holds occur when there are discrepancies or variance between your order and the files or parts sent over. To avoid this, the first thing to do is make

Sierra sends your rockets to space

Aerospace: Send Your Rockets into Space with Sierra

Sending rockets to space is not science fiction anymore. In a few years, we will even all pack our bags to go to Mars on vacay with Elon. You still

Juki PCB assembly machine

Juki Pick-and-Place Assembly Machine in Action

If you haven’t taken our 360 facility tour yet, let us introduce the Juki Pick-and-Place PCB assembly machines we use to pick and place components… In case the name wasn’t

HDI Quiz

HDI Quiz #2

HDI is a complex PCB technology that uses blind, buried and micro vias. HDI is characterized by its high density of components and routing interconnections, which can pain a pain to

Sierra Circuits 360 Facility Tour

Thanks to some VR magic, you can now tour Sierra Circuits from YouTube. Our brand new 360 video will take you to our Sunnyvale, CA facilities just like you were

PCB Assembly Quiz

PCB Assembly Quiz

How much do you know about PCB assembly? Take our quiz and find out!