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PCB Design For Assembly

PCB Assembly: 8 Tips For Design For Assembly

Designing with PCB assembly in mind is one of the most important and frequently misunderstood elements. This series is dedicated to helping you become a designing pro—someone whose PCB design has

Images of 2 Pcb Boards and different sizes

Nine Cost Drivers for Rigid Circuit Boards

For PCB designers and engineers, optimization is key. Optimization of time, cost, and even effort. Sierra strives to provide customers with high-quality PCBs and excellent service. This includes best practice

BOM Checker

Introducing Sierra’s BOM Checker!

Are errors in your BOM causing delays? Are your component quantities and reference designators mismatched? Sierra has a free tool that will speed up your entire PCB process.

Does Your Assembly Shop Check For Component Errors?

When you choose PCB assembly with Sierra, you choose to avoid the stress, delays, and hassle that come with dealing with multiple vendors. This is why we are a one-stop

Up-Close Pcb Manufacturing and Pcb Assembly

Choose PCB Assembly with Sierra

Sierra Circuits does not only provide manufacturing services, we also do PCB assembly. We became a one-stop full turnkey shop to offer our customers quality with no hassle and no delays.

High-Tech equipment used for Pcb Assembly

Sierra’s Assembly Equipment for High-Reliability PCBs

After learning about Sierra’s thermal profiling for assembly, we are now going to tell you about the equipment that we use to make sure that your boards are properly assembled.