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How to Control Your Controlled Impedance

0:04 Hello again, I’m Amit, the PCB guy. Today I’d like to discuss controlled impedance.

Impedance Calculator

Impedance Calculator Tutorial

Sierra Circuits’ free Impedance Calculator will help PCB designers calculate their trace widths, single-ended or differential impedances – for both microstrip and stripline models – and other parameters such as

Signal Speed and Propagation Delay in a PCB Transmission Line
What is a PCB Transmission Line?

What is a PCB Transmission Line?

A PCB transmission line is a type of interconnection used for moving signals from their transmitters to their receivers on a printed circuit board. A PCB transmission line is composed

Controlled Impedance Quiz

Controlled Impedance Quiz

Do you think you know everything about controlled impedance? Take our quiz and find out!

Controlled Impedance

Why Controlled Impedance Really Matters

Every day, PCB designs and components become smaller, faster – in other words, more complicated. It is now crucial to slow certain circuits down in order to allow specific functions