Say Cheese, Black Hole!

Yes, we have it! The picture we all were waiting for. Powehi, the Black Hole, saying cheese! If you have watched the movie Interstellar, you can see similarities between the actual image and the one shown in the movie. Christopher Nolan put up a beautiful picture in our minds but the credit goes to Sir Albert Einstein. Sir Albert Einstein’s general relativity theory spoke about the presence of black holes.

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SpaceX Has Shown its Commercial Might with Falcon Heavy Flight Mission

SpaceX has successfully launched its first-ever triple rocket landing during the Falcon Heavy flight mission for an advanced communications satellite into orbit for Arabsat. Launch itself has created significant buzz by recovering the rocket’s three Falcon 9 core stages. The Falcon Heavy currently holds 27 engines, which are distributed among three Falcon 9 core stages. The entire assembly was mounted on historic pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center.

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Stanford Raced Its Self-Driving Audi TTS Against a Human Driver

Have you ever wondered if Einstein could work with IoT? Or can you imagine Galileo working for space ships? Or maybe William Higinbotham playing PUBG with you? That would be something out of this world, right? Something really insane. They could have come up with things maybe that we could not. Maybe even today’s technological advancements would get a tough time dealing with such extraordinary minds. Continue reading “Stanford Raced Its Self-Driving Audi TTS Against a Human Driver”

AI and Machine Learning: Similar and Yet Different

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.”— Bill Gates. You must be thinking this is such an odd statement to start today’s article, which is about high-end technology. Well though it’s because of this technology that we are standing here today, it’s also kind of confusing. Well, high-end technologies are bringing along some high-end confusion among high-end technical people. So let alone the state of mind of a common man. There was a time when a computer took up an entire room to perform just basic stuff like calculations.

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5G – The New Wireless World

Once upon a time, there was an age, an age of simple pleasure and little things. They formed our base of happiness. Then came the industrial revolution and technological advancements. And it changed our world. Our world got engulfed by extravagant gadgets and extraordinary technology. As for now what makes us happy are mobile phones and never-ending data pack; everything wireless. The more wireless we go, the more happiness we show.

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