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Blue Moon- The new moon lander as shown in their original site
Google Pixel 3a

The Not So Expensive Google Pixel 3a Is Here

Before you move on to something else, ta-da! An affordable Google Pixel phone is here. And the best part is, it comes with a premium class camera. There! I believe

Standford Solar Car

Stanford Solar Car: The Green Car Makers

The automotive industry is in for a treat! The young inventors of Stanford University are crafting a solar car which purely runs on clean energy. The Stanford Solar Car project

Black Hole Powehi

Say Cheese, Black Hole!

Yes, we have it! The picture we all were waiting for. Powehi, the Black Hole, saying cheese! If you have watched the movie Interstellar, you can see similarities between the

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch

SpaceX Has Shown its Commercial Might with Falcon Heavy Flight Mission

SpaceX has successfully launched its first-ever triple rocket landing during the Falcon Heavy flight mission for an advanced communications satellite into orbit for Arabsat. Launch itself has created significant buzz

Husky Robotics Team

Husky Robotics Ready for Another Mars Rover Challenge

With a mission to build another robot for Mars, Husky Robotics, the student-run organization of University of Washington, have crafted yet another Mars rover. Building on their previous model, Orpheus,