Design Guides

PCB Transmission Lines eBook

PCB transmission lines can have a complex electrical behavior. It is essential to understand how they act to avoid signal integrity issues. This is why we published this e-book explaining the signal speed, propagation delay, critical length, controlled impedance, and rise/fall time in a PCB transmission line.

Differential Pair eBook

Following our PCB Transmission Lines eBook, we present the Differential Pair Design Guide, which covers differential and common mode signals, differential impedance, even and common mode, the physical parameters, and detailed analysis of a differential pair in terms of line.

HDI Design Guide

Are you a PCB designer or electronics engineer? High-Density Interconnect (HDI) architectures can result in better manufacturing yields and lower costs for complex circuits. Our free downloadable guide explains everything you need to know about HDI design techniques. Learn about the blind and buried via technology with tips from PCB experts Happy Holden, Eric Bogatin, Rick Hartley and more.

Controlled Impedance Design Guide

Controlled impedance is the characteristic impedance of a transmission line formed by conductors. It is relevant when high-frequency signals propagate on the transmission lines. Designers need to understand controlled impedance for their signals to propagate without distortion. In this design guide, we help you control your controlled impedance.

Flex Design Guide

Flexible printed circuits are quickly becoming the preferred printed circuit board. Unlike other boards and interconnects, flex circuits are lightweight, easy to install, durable, compact, and—yes—flexible. You can use flexible circuits in “bend to install” or dynamic applications, where the circuits are continuously in motion. Learn about the advantages of flex circuits and get some design tips.

NoTouch Design Guide

No Touch self-service ordering system enables you to specify two-layer, four-layer, and six-layer prototype PCBs entirely online for quickturn delivery at the minimum cost. This design guide gives you all the specifications needed to successfully design a fast and functional No Touch board.