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Soldering Flux eBook

The Soldering Flux eBook by Jim Smith will teach you why nothing is more important than understanding flux selection and proper usage.

8 Chapters
8 Chapters

A practical guide to flux by Jim Smith

For more than 40 years, Jim Smith of Electronics Manufacturing Sciences has been teaching that perfect soldering is easy – the solder will do the work. However, most people who have not attended the soldering seminars do not find soldering all that easy. Jim Smith says, “Perfect soldering is easy provided we make it easy.” The hard part is learning what makes soldering easy. And perhaps nothing is more important than understanding flux selection and proper usage, which you will after reading this Soldering Flux eBook.

There’s no shortage of articles about flux online. Unfortunately, most (not all, but most) of the free advice is worth exactly what it costs. Dozens of manufacturers each sell dozens of flux formulations, almost all of those formulations being proprietary secrets that the customer won’t know. Anyone who knows enough to distinguish between what is valid and what is not probably doesn’t need the research. The truly meaningful literature about flux is written by chemists for chemists.

Topics covered in the Soldering Flux eBook

In this ebook, Jim Smith is giving you the heart of what you need to know about:

• Why flux is needed
• The ingredients of flux and what they do
• Soldering flux categories
• How to read a flux manufacturer’s technical data
• The best flux for various applications

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